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Well if amoxicillin works what’s the problem? It’s one of the best most well tolerated antibiotics around. And if it’s cost effective then even better.

Of course which antibiotic based on penicillin you get prescribed will be based on what kind of infection you have, and where. So you won’t be given penicillins if you got kidney stone infection or something for example. Or if you’re allergic.

I mean which antibiotic would you like?

We should be lucky that pencillins are still effective antibiotics for us. For some people in the States etc like you say, bugs are so resistant that even meropenem doesn’t work. (That’s the last resort, if that doesn’t work you’re pretty fucked unfortunately)

Agreed with you on the other countries issues, they need to sort that out, I’m pretty sure I read stuff on the EU for example putting more pressure on Asian and southern European countries to stop handing them out like candy.



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In a similar vein to @JakeyBoy 's post, if the military parade is genderand race balanced then it’s great according many modern day #resistance fighters


What does that even mean? What the fuck does gender and race have to do with Trump saying that not clapping for him during the state of the union address is treason?


Just making a bit of a joke that anti trump people seem to have only superficial goals in mind for progress.

They don’t mind if there are dictators and war criminals as long as everybody has a fair shot at being one.

Whereas surely the goal should be to have no dictators or war criminals?


I hope Trump goes full Ghaddafi mode and wears a ridiculous military uniform during the parade.


And a Korean Army hat to hide his fckn bald patches !!


As a US citizen I understand why you’d react so literally (or in a concerned way) to the post by Electrifying, but it was a joke based on a previous post of mine. If I were based on the States I dont think I’d find any of this kind of comment funny either. Get ready for some Margaret Atwood shit.

But we find the US situation pretty funny right now (because it feels quite abstract) but are increasingly worried. I keep expecting things to calm down soon but wonder at which point it stops being funny and becomes geologically very worrying.

I liked your last post humorously but we’re close to it being very genuinely accurate. I do believe that he mentioned treason humorously on this occasion, but he’s paving the way for such accusations of treason to be taken seriously.


It’s my birthday weekend and I’m beyond fucked… just reached home from a night out to mark the occasion so only Jesus Christ, Allah or Buddha knows why I’m trying to comment on world affairs right now.

Mashallah the last few posts make sense tomorrow when I wake up :pray:


I think you meant geopolitically and not geologically :joy:


Maybe Jakey has happened upon the existence of the supervolcano ‘neath Yellowstone NP and is worried about the inevitability of a future extinction level event


Think you also meant InshaAllah there mate :joy:


Wasted Jakey is still more coherent than wasted Bl1nk


He mentioned treason humorously? He wasn’t being funny at all.

It’s not abstract for us. We have to live with the damage he’s doing. And I’m sorry but all the humor about Trump has been sucked out of me. The reality of living in this country right now is frightening. It’s a big joke to everyone else, but it’s not funny. They literally sold the internet to the highest bidder. They’re rolling back air quality standards, water quality standards, and making it harder to prosecute the companies how wreck our environment. They’ve taken back protected land to lease it to oil companies, they’ve put tariffs on solar panels and wind turbines will be next. They’re rolling back allowing gay and transgender people to serve in the military. They’ve passed tax cuts for the rich. The EPA, the FCC, etc are all being run by the very people they were created to protect us from.

It’s just not funny to me.


If you can’t find humour in it, what are you going to do?

You’re not in much of a position to do anything about it until you get to vote later in the year so might as well make some dry humour. It’s all that gets me through these times.

Because news flash, your country isn’t the only one going to pot.

Mine is leaving the EU based on bullshit reasons and racism primarily, which will set everything back generations, is dismantling the best thing it ever created (free healthcare in the form of the NHS) and is using the hole created by lack of EU law to do many of the same deregulations as the US are doing now.

Also, don’t pretend all that stuff started with trump. It was under Obama that the North Dakota pipeline was being built, Obama trialled the Muslim ban for a short period of time, to name just 2 examples. This stuff has been happening for a while.

You talk about treason, whistleblowers weren’t treated all that well under the previous administration, were they?

Trump isn’t a horrible aberration in my opinion, he is just an ugly, open, obtuse caricature of what US (especially republican) policy has been before him.

This is what happens when you consume celebrity culture and 24hour cable news to such an extent where you worship any steaming pile of shit they spout, put the rich and celebrities on such a pedestal. And have a system (the electoral college) that is such a joke of a way to elect your leader, which exemplifies this corrupt culture where now anyone known to the public eye thinks they can run for president.

Maybe need to spend less time getting on at me for drying pointing out some of this superficial nonsense and more time bringing down the EC, gerrymanderinf, etc. And also to recognise wrong, even when it is your side that perpetrates it.

Now the second bit isn’t really addressed to you, but more in general again to members of #theresistance who are as we speak rehabilitating George Bush, bill Kristol, David frum, Henry Kissinger, Louise Mensch (:arteta:) etc’s images, lauding them as heroes in the fight against Trump.

So you’re right, it isn’t funny at all how fucked things look for you guys.

And it’s the same for us, so I shouldn’t really be preaching to you either when the UK is also so fucked. But apart from voting all I can do is make snarky funny comments so I feel I am entitled to that.


Trump can barely pass any legislations. He’s just a pantomime villain.


Yeah but aside from that I can’t see what he’s done that’s that bad.