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My weekly on the train has went up 50p! pricks


At least you fucks have trains. The Irish rail system is completely rubbish.


I’ve always been in favour of nationalising the trains. It’s a no-brainer.


I love how everything is “We’re GREAT Britain! We’re world leaders! We’re innovators! We can do anything!”.

Nationalise any kind of public service? “No no, we can’t run anything efficiently, we must have a firm to do that”.


Holy shit this is so accurate it’s depressingly funny.


Sad to see a talented individual with a promising career lose his life in such a way.

Levels of knife crime in London are completely unacceptable, makes me truly sick. Harsh sentences needed as well as greater policing powers in areas where there is high amount of crime involving offensive weapons.


There won’t be greater policing these areas because the because unfortunately the people don’t fit the profile of what the Police choose to prioritise (mainly because of the ridiculous level of cuts to police funding).

Inner city London is suffering right now. I’ve lost three friends to knife crime over the course of this Tory government and each time the most pressing issue is how low certain areas are on police presence these days.

There was an excellent interview on Sky news recently where a former (or current, I can’t quite remember) police chief highlighted how damaging the cuts are to the safety of people in London. Knife crime is rampant in a city it should never be this rampant in.


Heard about this on the radio and all they were parroting was the government is going to increase stop and search powers for the police to combat this.

Nobody was mentioning cuts to police maybe contributing, or increased poverty making our cities a bit less like communities and less safe.

Stop and search powers for those 5 policemen on the beat after all of Theresa May’s cuts will save all I’m sure.

Seriously feel journalism is dead in this country at times.


Stop and search has done nothing to reduce knife crime and more to increase tension between police and local communities. Like you said, cuts to police and the growing poverty in our cities are what’s contributing to increase in knife crime. But the government are either clueless or being wilfully ignorant of the truth.


Doesn’t directly affect them so it’s not as serious an issue.

I don’t want anyone to get hurt but there’s a sense until knife crime starts to infiltrate and target wealthier communities and areas then it won’t be a pivotal agenda. Just like how in America Opioid addiction wasn’t a crisis until it affected white people whereas crack addition wasn’t given the same priority.


Theresa may is up there as one of the worst prime minister’s ever surely?

Shoddy journalism helping them get away with it. These days all the report is party press releases word for word lest they lose access to print the next press release :xhaka:



This doesn’t really get enough coverage. Antibiotics will soon become redundant and yet mankind doesn’t seem to give a dam. I don’t think people realise what the world will be like when antibiotics no longer work…


Moral of the story; remember to cook your chickens.

In all seriousness, we’re the only country which requires prescriptions for penicillin (ie fucking old) based antibiotics and doctors need serious arm twisting prescribe them anyway. They say this is to reduce the chance of bacteria becoming resistant which is all very well in a closed system. The problem is Johnny Foreigner coming here having been able to buy antibiotics over the counter at home for their entire lives and spreading their resistant bacteria to us. Not much you can do about it really. Except discover new drugs (last one was back in the 80’s I think) or blame the chickens I suppose.


The problem in this case though is the cattle farming industry pumping chickens full of antibiotics rather than anyone getting sick.

India is where the majority of the world’s medicines (including antibiotics) are manufactured, so unfortunately inappropriate access to them is easier there.

However, new antibiotics are being made and more research is going into them as this issue becomes more serious.

However we all do have to be more careful with how we use antibiotics, not pestering GPs for penicillin for a viral cough, finishing our course even if we do feel better when we do get given them and not sharing them out.

We’re better at this here in the UK (helped by the NHS which keeps most healthcare policy on antibiotic prescribing centralised) than other nations but we need to get better.


Roast those fucking chickens. That’s the only solution to prevent you from getting sick.


I can never have roast chicken again without thinking of you :laughing:


thanks dr luca




Yeah. I concede that anti virals do a better job against viruses! The point is, the NHS can be as ‘good’ as they want in restricting antibiotics, but it’s the resistant bacteria brought to the UK (via people, farming, whatever) that’s the problem, not bacteria developing resistance within the UK.

You mention India, but I’m talking about virtually every other country out there being able to buy antibiotics over the counter (and hence promoting new resistant strains abroad)- even when they are unnecessary. That’s the issue.

IMO the NHS’ stance has more to do with penicillin costing pence to buy- no patent left on that one. How much do we pay for a prescription now- got to be about a tenner now hasn’t it? The longer they can get away with Amoxycillin the better for the NHS. Even better if they can dress it up like it’s for our own good. I don’t blame them, just resent being fed with with bullshit when the reasoning doesn’t stack up. I’ve has this argument with my GP btw. She sheepishly agreed that it’s ultimately futile.