The General News Thread


So Bob Geldof gave back his freedom of Dublin in objection to Aung San Suu Kyi maintaining the same honour.

Today the council voted to revoke her freedom of the city and to effectively revoke his too on account of it being disrespectful to give it back. Apparently he’s not happy. :smile: :smile:


See Disney now own Sky


I wonder what will happen to Fox News now.


It states Dublin citzens being disrespected by Geldof. Are you mate.


Was thinking the same. Disney is soooo fucking beyond PC Fox News is done with their current format, it’s gotta be right?


Fox News and Fox Sports aren’t covered in the deal. They stay where they are.

On net neutrality, lol good luck you yanks, I would hope nothing like this would ever gain traction here but you never know.


Faux News can Faux Off.


Well, no, but I think those things are stupid and pointless anyway.


The US controls the major parts of the internet’s infrastructure. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is contained to the US.



what. Internet infrastructure is perfectly local. The US controls a major part of the US internet and sites that originate there, which maybe by number is a majority of the sites if that is what you mean.

But that doesn’t mean net neutrality is threatened anywhere else based on the US effect on infrastructure? A European network would an does function perfectly fine without any involvement of the US whatsoever obviously. Just because American search engines, social media platforms and online shopping sites are the most popular at the moment doesn’t mean that if those sites went down the world would be forever in darkness, people would just skip over to whatever the largest non-US sites are and continue about their day. Or did I misunderstand you?


Well, the local infrastructure is certainly controlled by us. This is why the UK and most of Europe have very good competition for ISP’s which drives the prices down, and speeds up. America has almost the complete opposite, a real lack of competition which has driven prices up.

The issue is how those local infrastructures connect with one another, and the policies which govern them.


Clever move by Rajoy. Really!



I find the discussion over nationalising the railways quite interesting. I’m not against nationalisation outright. If they were to come under public ownership I’d need evidence that’s it’d would not run at a loss for years and there was a desire to make profit


I’m in complete support of the nationalisation of the railway system.


Agreed. GWR and co. are all fucking dog shit.

However, it’s not entirely their fault that the UK has a rail infrastructure that is centuries old and hugely difficult to upgrade and modernise due to the extreme reliance the population has on it.

Nationalising it all wouldn’t fix the old railways or the fact that the thousands of dinky little railway bridges in the UK are too small so you can’t implement bigger passenger and freight carriages.


For a country that was in part made prosperous by the invention of the railway you really wouldn’t be able to tell. Trains in continental Europe tend to be miles ahead of ours, even though the train companies here still have the nerve to increase fare prices.


Some of our franchised networks are actually run by the nationalised companies of European countries, and we get charged horrendous amounts whilst their domestic citizens get very reasonable fares.

We are literally subsidising the cheap fares people pay in other countries. It’s an absolute fucking joke.

An actual majority of the British public support nationalizing the railways. I’m a big fan of nationalisation generally but almost nobody else is in terms of the electorate, I think the fact that people are when it comes to railways shows just how broken the system really is.


Yeah I remember watching a video on YouTube about how the French, Dutch and German National railways own shares in a lot of the British rail companies haha we literally subsidise the cheap fares of other European countries and Brexit won’t change that :joy: