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Don’t confuse him with facts.

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No even if you believe in business and trade, open boarders is not conducive to that, however governments can make allowances (which they have) to allow employees of business leeway when it comes to immigration.

International law already stipulates that the first country that they land is where their should put in an asylum claim, what we see is these people skipping Italy, Greece, and Eastern Europe just to get to France, Germany and Britain.

What we are seeing now is people with failed asylum claims in France trying they luck in another country without any perspective contribution to bettering that country; also tell me what wrong with staying in France?

On her maybe not.

Facts make you bring hurt what goes against you ideology.

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Cost of empire.

Boo hoo utter rubbish, might as well say all these people are to thick to make it without empire.

I don’t think it is. I think it’s merely a soundbite people throw out there, and most, if they were actually in a position to save children from drowning, would do so

They’re just not expressing themselves in the best way.

To thick are they.

That’s not true and every major economic bloc and fair trade agreement proves otherwise.

Us leaving the EU has meant that we have had to regulate the movement of workers, trade and services which has caused inflation, shortages and all kinds of other problems. Protectionsim, border control, workflow restrictions all have the opposite effect on business.

A true free market wouldn’t have any kind of restrictions on the movement of trade, goods and services or workforce.

But also, having tighter border controls would mean you need additional workers and fleets to patrol the entire British coast 24/7 for 365 days a year, would check points and detainment camps etc… you would have to hire 100,000s of people to do that, would need to supply all of these people, provide logistics and massive amounts of resources and the tax payer would have to foot the entire build and it wouldn’t just be a small rise in taxes either we’re talking a major hike. And even then people seeking refuge here would still find away to get here. There are already thousands who get shingen visas to Ireland then come across to the UK.

Ultimately if you take out the humanity and ignore all the benefits that these people bring to our isles it would still cost the Government and British tax payer way more to have any kind of “effective” border control than you just let these poor people into out country.

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It is actually the U.K. and Australia made a unilateral agreement when it comes to workers and migration.

Not what that meant is we stop the movement of people not worker, what was then put in places was proof that you are eligible to work in the country. So the cause of inflation and shortages has less to do with migration and more to do with current circumstances, also there is nothing stopping business recruiting from the current pool within the country.

Had they’ve been doing the job in the first place the cost would have risen; why do we need to detain them why not send them back as soon as they are captured? Most of the cost that the tax payer is forking over is for setting them up in hotels, getting companies to provide food, pocket money and legal fees for asylum. Also shouldn’t a country protect its boarders 24/7 365? Do you think only illegal immigrants pose a threat?
And yeah shingen was a problem for more developed European nations.

What benefits has illegal immigration brought to this country? 25,000 plus of mainly men does what for us? Effective boarder control mens sending them back as soon as they arrive.

BTW I do feel you are crossing legal migration with illegal migration, one is a benefit and the other is a problem.

Well you seem to always blame empire for every problem these countries have.

It is pretty shit tbf.

Terence Howard is vastly overrated.


Would have pegged you for a fan of the show :joy:

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I’m more an Ozark man, meself :grin:

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