The General News Thread


He must’ve been ‘allowed’ to have that mickey on him.


Very interesting group SFH are. I think there are better ways to keep publications honest than their methods


The companies seem to have a choice to make, will they make more money from the advertising or will they lose out due to the customers who won’t give them their custom as a result of the advertising.

They’ll make their decision based on what is best for their profits, isn’t that broadly how people want these things to work?

Let the market decide man :smile:


Trump recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel won’t go down very well. He essentially legitimises so many of the illegal settlements that exist.

In an ideal world Jerusalem would be divided between a newly established state of Palestine and Israel.

But it isn’t an ideal world and too many of the extremists on both side seem hell bent on annihilation.


Why is Trump so damn stupid? He just thinks with his ass, instead with his brain.



God that thing is big haha


This is truly and utterly fucked up.

The video in this story is extremely graphic.

Do not watch it unless you’re OK with seeing a guy gunned down by a fucking lunatic cop.


Not gonna watch but how on fucking earth do these excuses for humans keep getting off scott free wtf, sickening.


That’s some pretty fucking severe levels of incompetence. Why not just do what they did with the woman?

Guy sounded like a cunt from the off, and anyone who has “you’re fucked” etched on the barrel of his rifle sounds like a fucking trigger happy psycho who should be in an institution.


Man refuses threesome, woman gets pissed off and starts smashing shit up, guy comes at her to get her to stop, she bites his testicle off, gets off with a £500 compensation fine and 6 months house arrest between 10pm and 6am.


Fuck off you poor right-wing cunt. Hope you will never have to deal with a disable person. Right-wing is a cancer to the humanity.


Don’t see the any issue with this answer before a Select Committee.


If he thinks that explains the low productivity we have in this country then we’re screwed.


So a disable shouldn’t just work because he has some limitations? Guess you are a Tory boy.


Nobody has said anything remotely resembling that.


He’s blaming an increase in the workforce for skewing productivity “measurements” (rather than productivity), then he throws in a textbook government politicians brag about how many disabled people they’re getting into work.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here.


I think the problem is that it reads like he is scapegoating disabled people, it is bound to to some people in the context of the truly appalling way that the Tories have treated thousands of disabled people since 2010. I’m sure that I don’t need to elaborate on the disgraceful benefits reassessments that have caused significant harm to the disabled community, because you’re very tuned in to current affairs. If you treat thousands of disabled people with contempt and disdain then of course people are going to have a problem with comments in which you in part blame disabled people for a lack of productivity in our economy, because the comments will appear to fit in with a pattern of treating disabled people like shit.

I wasn’t hugely bothered by these comments, if it’s accurate then there’s not much wrong with saying it, what bothers me more is that they are seemingly unable to offer any sort of evidence to actually back up the claims. They have been asked to in parliament and have nothing to offer. If the comments have no basis in reality then it is a problem, and he should answer for it.


I wonder if this will be replicated in other countries, and what will be the impact of this vote in the US, it’s also shocking that 5 people can take a major decision like this one, on behalf of the US citizens.


It will be interesting to see what happens over here, because we have FAR more competition than they do.