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What are the reasons behind said decline of mental condition of men?

I highly suspect There is any incline or decline.
Did they even keep a tab of mental health of men prior to 1900s to make that claim?

Men have been shitty regardless of whichever century. It’s only now we have started making a big deal out of it.


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Just upfront these types of incidents are still statistically rare and the vast majority of men in the west are normal functioning people of sound health and mind. It’s a given that with population growth there’s going to be a higher number of individuals who can develop psychotic tendencies and within that group a higher number of people willing to act on it with large scale violence.

On exploring reasons, a big one I always hear is the growth of women’s rights and their increasing of their status in society, the rise of Incel culture correlates gender parity and the internet, being a modern tool, has basically acted as an accelerant in radicalizing susceptible minds. The subculture exists and we know it manifested itself through the Plymouth shooting for instance.

Media generally is another big one I’ve read about and the impact certain forms have on the male brain over an extended period. TV programming originally was designed to capture attention and maintain it for the longest period possible, we really don’t know the physical and mental effects yet, widescale 24 hr programming has only been a constant since 1970s.

I read somewhere that mass shooters in the US are basically in an unspoken subconscious competition with each other in seeing who can inflict the most damage in the most heinous way that is basically exacerbated by media coverage.

A point I always thought was interesting is the idea of generational degradation both socially and in terms of genetics. An example of this would be in the sense that we’re consuming more processed things, manufactured with chemicals and refined goods and this is leading to an unhealthy build up of additives in our system which in turn erodes cognitive reasoning over a long period of time. This isn’t an issue for most people but can accelerate violent desire in certain individuals

A similar point has been made regarding our access to drugs both legal and illegal in the modern era is greater than any period we’ve seen before and consumption has increased.

I say these points purely to explore the topic, not making judgments either way


God, that’s shocking

Yep. And and it has got worse

That’s tragic.


This is my local MP, remember him coming round my house at the last election.

This is really shocking, I actually feel a bit rattled, truth be told. Goes without saying, but whatever your political views are, this is just awful. Here’s hoping the murderer gets what’s coming to them…


That’s fucked up. RIP.

Yet again we are now moving towards something normal being taken away.
We are going to need security measures brought in on things like this or more zoom stuff.
It’s not good this shit. Jo Cox situation all over again. Sad day.



This is awful.

You can’t be murdered doing your job. Makes you despair for society and what it is turning into.


It will make the country (even) less democratic if it’s made even more difficult for people to access their “representatives” as a result of this.


Jobs for the boys

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He’s been sacked already

You love to see it


Cunt terrorist.

Needs lynching

Due to my political beliefs, I always found David Amess’ voting record to be very unpleasant, to say the least. But one thing I will give him credit for is that he was a good MP for his constituents with regards to taking up local/individual causes. There are a lot of examples of him going in to bat for locals who got in touch about specific issues that really affected them. My wife wrote him a couple of letters and he (or one of his staffers, let’s be honest) always responded in a thoughtful and considered manner.

I know this is basic stuff that MPs should do, but many just don’t, so I think it is to his credit that he always did. I can’t respect what he stood for ultimately, and how he consistently voted on issues, but on the micro level, he was one of the good MPs, I think.

Though I do have to say that I can’t quite get my head around Southend being a city. It’s been my manor for a couple years now, and I’ve never once thought “this place screams city, I can’t believe it’s classified as a mere town, something really must be done right away”

Evidently, it’s just a way to honor David Amess. But imo, it probably says something that some in Southend have spent so long trying to claim the status of a city and getting nowhere lol.

Can anyone tell me if there are any clear benefits to gaining status as a city? @sevchenko my man, I don’t know why, but I feel like you might have something for me here lol


Articles from 2011 but hopefully answers your question.

tl;dr it means nothing. Its a status thing


Sorry I genuinely have no clue, I assume it’s mainly a cosmetic gesture

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Hmm, I wasn’t aware ‘city’ status could be applied for. I’d always thought that to qualify, a town needed to have a cathedral.