The General News Thread


Ha. That reminds me of this tweet I saw yesterday


It was embarassing how quickly the right wing press were to spew terror related bullshit. Lorry ploughing into pedestrians, gunshots at the station… you name it. And not a single word of it was true.


I’m a big fan of social media but it didn’t really help here. Gave a platform to thousands of people, some with bad intentions, to completely misrpesent and spread false information.


Ironically, those doing so would be huge fans of the term ‘fake news’.


I think your right but it also gives a platform for these people to be criticised straight away.
Before social media there were plenty of right wing campaigners who were writing for, and spouting nonsense for, newspapers like the Mail and the Sun and because of a lack of communication between the general public, apart from word of mouth, it would be believed and circulated.

As long as there is social media, and it’s free for everyone, these idiots will get the criticism they deserve.


utterly tragic that we call it news tbh.




What did Olly Murs do?


Tweeted about hearing gunshots while he was in Selfridges. There were none.


Very intriguing…
Comment to the producer about childbirth was just downright evil



When I shaw that for the first time it looked so surreal. Movie type shit.


What’s this? I get the got reference obviously


War criminal from Yugo got convicted by the The Hague tribunal and he got a life long sentence. He killed himself by drinking poison.


Oh shit wasn’t this recent? Where’s the video? Fuck that’s metal, like the Texan congressman that shot himself in the head at a press conference


This was like Wednesday I think.


That’s crazy. Can’t believe it took them that long to realise what he had done lol


I’d be fucking nervous sitting next to him incase he spilt any haha


Is it evil that I’m annoyed the camera didn’t film him after taking it? :eyes:


He was convicted for war crimes, so we can give you a pass I think :laughing: