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Is that a parody? Surely

:facepalm: wow

Just standard Spiked bait haha.

I don’t know what spiked is but that piece is written by someone who no doubts uses the word ‘islamofascist’ unironically

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Keep it that way. Do not go down the rabbit hole.


Used to be a Marxist publication, I believe of the tankie persuasion. They present themselves as politically incorrect leftists. Ot at least, they did, not so sure they keep up the pretence of being all that left wing these days.

Excuse me, I believe the proper term now is ‘islamobolshevik’.


I’ve always wondered what the origin of this term was.

The Soviet Union built a lot of tanks so people who like Communism call themselves tankies?

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Tankie is more of a derogatory term I think.


Not a million miles off, but not quite, it’s a bit more specific. It refers to communist apologists for Stalin, specifically related to the Soviet Union’s use of force when sending the tanks into Hungary to crush a rebellion in the mid-50s. Though it is now used more widely to refer to anyone who strongly supports communist governments like the USSR, China or even North Korea.

I think it was a term coined here in Britain to refer to British Communist party members considered to be ‘useful idiots’ for Stalin because they adopted a position of uncrticial support for the Soviet Union.

They’re often seen as the ‘opposite’ to Trots, communists who align themselves more with Leon Trotsky, a key figure of the 1905 and 1917 Russian Revolutions, who had a rivalry with Stalin that ended up with him taking an ice pick to the head. They’re often critics of Stalinist/USSR authoritarianism, believing the USSR lost its way after the revolution and abandoned “true communism”. They’re more likely to be the types to criticise communist governments for governing in an authoritarian manner, claiming that communism doesn’t have to be this way. Which tankies hate, cos criticising AES (actually existing socialism) is basically doing the work of the capitalist pigdogs for them. These governments may not be perfect but its a crime/betrayal in the eyes of tankies to contribute to highlighting these flaws. In their eyes, Trots are, at best, idealists and utopian in their thinking, seeing themselves as pragmatists who realise that compromises have to be made to theory in order to actually set up and maintain a communist state in the face of counter-revolutionary, capitalist forces.

As you can see, I’ve been down this rabbit hole quite a bit haha.

I love the history of the USSR, communism and the Cold War. I find it absolutely fascinating as someone who grew up in the post cold War era of relative global consensus, because we just don’t have such a stark division of belief these days.


Hahaha thank you very much for that clear and concise explanation, that’s an excellent clarification

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Popped up on my feed




Jesus fucking Christ publications such as this one really make me contemplate becoming a human predator.

The BBC isn’t that bad :slight_smile:

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They do this once a year some kind of national tradition :man_shrugging:t2:

Humans… the vilest of all animals. 🤷🏻

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I was reading a bit on this this morning and apparently the yearly one is pilot whales, not dolphins, and the head of the pilot whale killing committee was distancing his org from this. Mental.

I think in the documentary Seaspiracy they highlight this practice of killing dolphins that way too. In any case, it’s a fucked up thing to do that the people there practice, collectively. :cry: