The General News Thread


Whenever I see someone that vehemently opposed to LGBT issues, I just assume they’re secretly biting pillows.


No chance this is going in the RIP thread. :smirk:


Feel cheated when you hear he died of natural causes tbh. The amount of lab rats that have died while this cunt lived. Evil bastard.



About time :xhaka:






Silly boy. Wenger is yet to kill someone.


Yet to…like it’s a possibility. :joy:


I feel like Arsenal and Wenger will be the death of me one day. So yeah it’s a real possibility.


I will quote this post if it ever comes to light


Not a good time for evil men. Manson, Mugabe, now this…


“BREAKING:” looks absolutely silly though, that thing was 20 years ago and his guilt is obvious, why the fuck it took 20 years to convict him no one knows but he is 74yo now, fucker should’ve been in solitary while he still had some quality of life to be taken away from him.


We do know. Because they didn’t even find him until 2011 :slight_smile:


Oh right the fucker went missing, forgot about that, just reacted emotionally to the head lines lol



Yes i was reading about this. More disgusting shit happening every month.


Far right accounts lost their shit last night over Oxford Street station being closed due to some argument between a couple guys. Started their shite again before quickly deleting their tweets when proved wrong. Including the Daily mail who quickly had an article of gunshots and terror in London out.

Meanwhile upwards of about 200 people killed in an actual terrorist attack in Egypt.


Far right accounts…and Olly Murs. :eyes:


my GF works in selfridges and had to go in to work today to sort out the chaos caused by Olly fucking Murs lol