The General News Thread


Haha. I did see it elsewhere, but not in The Sun. I have too much self respect to knowingly post tbeir headlines :smile:


I’ve been super busy these days and totally out of the loop and don’t even know exactly what this debate is all about. My general view on this kind of thing though is a really big concern that we are depriving sexuality of its non verbal element. Almost everyone that’s ever lived has initiated a first sexual contact without asking permission first. I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with making some kind of sexual move, the other person not liking it, and then just leaving it there. In my mind it’s only a concern if you do something a) illegal, or b) if an individual trespasses beyond a clear and definitive no thanks / or when a degree of threat is used to obtain something. Otherwise can’t we just be adults.

By the way, I wasn’t particularly disagreeing with your point, I just latched onto the last post on the subject.



Its fucking ridiculous now, nearly every fucking week this is happening in America it’s just a fucking stupid and callous waste of life.


It’s waaaaayyy more frequent than that.


shit that is scary.


Another mass shooting in America.

reaching a point where such news shouldn’t be called news rather an ‘update’.


Holy fuck. That is insane.


Eh, a lot of those incidents on that tracker are gang-related incidents of gun-violence. Doesn’t quite count in the same way as the church/Las Vegas/Orlando/Virginia Tech etc.

Still crazy though.



Why dosent it count? The ease of availability of guns plays just as much of a part in those incidents than it does in a “mass shooting” event dosent it?


Roy Moore (Alabama Senate candidate) has been accused of sexual assault. One accusation is that he kissed and groped a girl and made her touch him, when she was only 14. This is Katie Hopkin’s response. The absolute state of that woman.


Jesus christ I can’t even read the tweets that accompany hers. It takes a new level of low to question the morality of 14 year old girls that have been assaulted.

I guess it’s just because Roy Moore is a friend of Trump that she can’t criticise him. The cult around the guy gets more sickening every day.


Apologies @Phoebica I was trying to putthe tweet in spoilers cos…well…its her…but I wasn’t able to.


Cmon guys white people are allowed to be paedos according to her!




Typical it’s not even funny


I’m always going to find that level of hypocrisy hilarious


No doubt Trump will call him a “good man”.


When he realises his mate’s gay? “Nope, no saving that guy.”