The General News Thread

I watched 2 premier league games at home legally for the first time years last season. All thanks to you, Jeff.



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The head of the Irish haulage federation was saying this was going to happen as far back as 2017.

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Anytime I want an ice cream, it’ll be Ben and Jerry’s btw.

First amendment rights and business rights dont mean shit if you’re boycotting an aprtheid regime, it seems.

Awful scummy American cunts.


What are you referring to mate, a link would really help me here haha

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Here ou go bro.

Slimey cunts just slobbering over that AIPAC money.


Thanks for the link. My offering in exchange…


See what happens when you allow people to go unmasked.


The entire 4 minute video is worth watching. Shit like that does my head in, like anyone actually enjoys working night shift for minimum wage and dealing with cunts like that. The young employee he struck was actually standing up for herself until a grown ass man decided to spark her out.

Cunt deserves to go to hard part of the prison system, costume and all.


Link me pls bro. Was on twitter going through the comments and various posts, longest vid I saw was like 45 seconds

Yeah please link, I live for shit like this online

@JakeyBoy @Cristo

Btw JB your new avatar colour is unreal :fire::joy:


What a pointless thing to do prison time for :joy:


Yeah Spider-Man’s a dickhead. Always preferred Batman


Shit like that boils my blood.

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Apparently it was Spidey’s daughter that the female Asda member of staff was laying in to (with provocation), so I get why he’d be stopping that from happening even if his daughter was in the wrong. But there’s defending your daughter, and there’s kicking a retreating woman in the face before laying her out with a punch.

Hope he enjoys his prison time. Would he a real shame if some of the other inmates saw this video and had his number marked as a woman beater.


Wow that is just absolutely insane. But it seems like the costume wearers knew one of the ASDA girls right?

But fuck me absolute carnage with so many innocent bystanders getting fucked up.

Can’t see how any of that is worth the monumental shit show of justice they’re in for

I’m not getting it what the fuck was that over? I just see a one sided melee and incoherent swearing

Yeah, I don’t have a clue what caused it either. Almost certainly a case of drunk and/or coked up cunts overreacting to the slightest grievance. A tale as old as time.

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