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Probably, Jules. But Hollywood’s full of golddiggers who aren’t interested in a non-celeb touching them up - for the reason I stated.


Remember these are institutes that still laud Roman Polanski. They only act when they are forced to, which is why it went on for so long.

It’s why I support all people coming forward, because you may never get a better opportunity to tell your story and be believed.


Oh yeah. In no way was I commending them.


So they are interested in a ‘celeb’ harassing them? They deliberately put themselves in a position to be sexually harassed, just so they can wait 30 years to complain and hopefully get paid?

That’s certainly a long con.


But the story she is telling is that he tried it on and she refused him and that was it.
If that was the criteria for getting front page news more than three decades later most people would see their names on the headlines.

Who hasn’t tried it on with someone, male of female, and been turned down?
I’ve been in clubs where I, or any of my male friends, have been grabbed or groped by other women but we don’t drag the story up later and make a big deal about it.

What’s going to happen?
You’re going to get a situation where any man going on a date is going to have to take a lawyer with them.


Massive slippery slope fallacy here tbh


But what exactly does that mean?


South Park got the answer…


I don’t know.
But it couldn’t have been that bad or she would have said something before she was an old lady.
She said he grabbed her behind and that was it.
As I said, I have had that done to me and most people probably have, so it sounds as if she is jumping on a band wagon that is out of control.

He asked her to massage his feet, which she did and which I presume wasn’t part of her job description, so he might have thought she was interested and he then tried it on, she said no and that was it.

She later on went on to say she was infatuated with John Malkovich and other actors, so this is not some innocent girl who doesn’t know what she is doing.
This sounds like attention seeking.

Also, his name is splashed all over the papers, and his reputation in tatters, while she looks like an innocent school girl.
I just hope she realises the damage she has done if she has exaggerated the whole situation.


Sounds like it’s worked so. Why give this one story so much of your attention. The wider picture matters far more here.

Look, everyone is telling their story. This is her story, it’s not her fault it has been so widely publicised.



That’s true.
But his reputation is in tatters for something that could be grossly exaggerated.
While she looks like the victim in all this.
I just hope she doesn’t receive any money for this story.
Although I wouldn’t bet on it.


Come on now, it’s just not the same thing a woman doing it to a man, and you know it. Not saying it’s ok for a woman to grope a man, because it clearly isn’t, it’s never acceptable to touch someone in a sexual manner if it isn’t consented to.

But you know that if it went any further you have the physical strength to make it stop, women don’t.


I’ve seen women bully men in the workplace plenty of times and although men have the physical strength to stop it they can’t and women know this.

I know it’s a different scenario but the example we were talking about was with a famous actor, and the woman who was accusing him at no point said she felt threatened by him, just uncomfortable and this is how men feels when it happens to them, or embarrassed.

No one is suggesting abuse is right but this seems to have got out of hand and there are loads of attention seeking women trying to get their little piece of the action.
It’s tarring men with the same brush and I’ve worked in places where women are just as bad and in some cases worse.


No, I’m not talking 30-odd years - that would be more of an exception. But golddiggers being what they are, sure they’d ‘invite’ an ass grab. It happens, and has done for many years.


Regarding these harrassment cases, I think it’s just do with how society as a whole was back then. Men by far were the dominant gender in society and women were treated very differently to how they are now. Sexism wasn’t even a thing back then, it was almost ‘‘accepted’’ in everyday life. Also fame gave you god-like status to almost do as you please with minimal concequences.

Good on the women feeling brave enough to come out and speak about these instances in recent times. Times have changed and there’s no place in modern society for that sort of behaviour (although it is still rife in certain circles). However you cannot apply modern parameters to these cases that happened decades ago. It’s different eras, different class systems and overall different cultural ideologies.


Crazy how this all stuff is essentially an open secret, back at Uni my friends GF was a film student and regularly worked at The Old Vic. One day a lot of them went out with Kevin Spacey on a night out, she said he was hitting on the younger men big time and was very grabby, was a super creep all night.


Michael Fallon his sword


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