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Pretty poor stuff from us tbh.


Simplistic and misleading table tbh what’s the role which is lowest paid? Is it full time or part time?

It definitely doesn’t take into account catering/kiosk staff which is usually supplied through a third party company. So they dont technically work the club’s. Know for a fact they only pay minimum wage of £7.20.

In any case it’s primarily part time work that revolves around match days. Its designed to supplement main jobs during the week. Around 7 - 9 quid for non skilled labour seems fair tbh


So what if it’s part time? Why does someone deserve to earn less for the same work just because it’s part time? If people are doing part time work to supplement their other job then that just proves that what they are being paid day to day isn’t enough, because people earning a living wage don’t need to supplement their work by working part time on weekends. That just further justifies the need for a living wage campaign.

You might think it seems fair, but the point of a living wage calculation us that it’s meant to reflect the amount of money needed to get by. What you think is fair is irrelevant.

We’re also based in London where the cost of living is higher, no way we should be almost bottom of that table.

And saying that they are probably employed by a third party company is just a cop out, as if that absolves us of any responsibility. Doesn’t seem to stop Chelsea paying their staff appropriately. They either employee them themselves or use a company that pays their staff fairly. What’s our excuse?


I worked for Arsenal as a teenager. Can confirm they are tight as fuck. At the time we were full time staff on part time wages.


That’s weird. I thought being young and unproven was the way to get top wages at Arsenal.


I can’t get over the fact Tottenham’s turnover was 88 million quid and ours was 354 million quid.


Missing a 1 surely. Should be 188.


That’s the thing though in the stadia catering industry part time staff will never do the same exact work as someone who is contracted and full time. I’m speaking from personal experience here. So it isn’t an issue of same work different pay

Staff who are full time are contracted because their job requires a higher skill set than inconsequential skillless labour

Not really, most of the catering staff are students looking to earn money without committing to serious hours and a contract. Know for a fact most stewards are looking to maximise income on weekends along side their normal job with the added bonus attend matches for free. At the Emirates stewards are paid £10 p/h that’s pretty much standard rate for most London grounds

I want to know which role at Arsenal is paying 7 quid? I don’t think that table is an accurate reflection

I get all that stuff about London living wage etc the truth is most part time stadia staff aren’t given enough hours to sustain themselves on tbh it’s a job designed to supplement a main job


It’s not surprising. Big profits and low wages is very prevalent in a capitalist world.


And even with our money being far more they are a better team than us, we are so disjointed etc its terrible earning 1/2 our money. So what is our excuse for not fucking spending. We are closing in on £400m+ a season or more and we still operate almost on profit for most of our windows. The wages and overheads have got to be stupid at arsenal for what is mostly trash!


Hollywood’s perverted society is crumbling.


No one’s paying me any attention.
Oh, I’ve just remembered, Dustin Hoffman asked me to massage his feet more than three decades ago, and I did massage them, so I’m sure that counts as harassment and it will get my name in the papers.


I’m guessing it was more down to the ass grabbing and sexual innuendo, rather than a single foot massage.


That’s true.
But if you are knocking around with actors and are clearly infatuated by being around them and enjoying the attention, then at some point that sort of thing is going to happen.

If you like the look of someone and then ask them for a massage, and they then proceed to do it, then it’s a fair assumption that they might be interested.

I have worked in loads of different jobs where I have had plenty of sexual innuendo thrown at me from female workers, but I don’t wait for more than thirty years and go talking to the media about it.
It was sometimes embarrassing but no more than that.

This is just out of hand.
Everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon.


It’s not just about the sexual harassment, because that’s what grabbing people’s asses and making innuendos is.

It’s also about the power, and the ability to literally destroy your career if you make any waves.


Not forgettng it’s about the $$$$$. There’s no money in having your ass grabbed by a non-celeb.


Actually the less ‘celeb’ the harasser is, the more likely a woman is to report it and have it stopped.


I’m sure there some unscrupulous and sleazy producers, male and female, that could do that but if you have so little talent that you have to sleep your way to get a part in a film, you’re probably in the wrong job.


We’re not talking about having sex in order to get a good part. I don’t really see a problem with that, if it’s two consenting adults. It’s not the choice I would make, but each to their own.

This about non-consenting adults. Giving someone a foot massage doesn’t then give then give them a licence to sexually harass you, no matter what reasons you had for acquiescing to their request.


This whole thing isn’t about individual cases.

Obviously it is for the individuals telling the story but that’s all those people can really do, tell their story, say how they felt etc…

I don’t know what any one person is trying to achieve by telling their story and I haven’t read most of them but any story that emerges shines a light on an industry where harassment and even sexual assault is just so commonplace as to be almost expected/tolerated. Hopefully as more and more emerges, as institutions like the Oscars and the Emmy’s distance themselves from the people committing these acts, that’s something that will change.