The General News Thread



Fack man that’s brutal. Disgusting…


That is insane. :frowning: RIP. x


A gunman in the UK? Hope everyone gets out ok


Probably find that he is an american :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside though WTF is going on with fucking people nowadays, why do they have to do this shit. If your life is so meaningless that you have to do shit like this in order to be shot dead by cops, just do the world a favour and take yourself out and save the rest of the world your shit.


Kevin Spacey has been accused of making advances toward a then 14 year old boy some 3 decades ago. Kevin’s hastily came out as a Gay man.


I thought him being gay was common knowledge?


After my Ricky Martin fail I’m glad my Gaydar was still functional here.


I can never tell who is and isn’t gay. Unless they’re Louis Spence gaaaaaay.

@Arsenal4thetreble Everyone thought he was apparently… Now he’s confirmed it.


I think this is possibly the first time I will ever say this…

He chose the wrong time to come out.

I can bet a host of allegations are levelled at him now from young actors in the past.


You thought Ricky Martin was straight? :arteta:


Ricky Martin was straight, but his boyfriend wasn’t.


I thought that’s just how latin sex-machines acted.


Have to agree. Don’t really see the need for poppys to be on football tops tbh. Why did it start?


Because your no life fat uncle down the pub says so.


When Livin La Vida Loca came out I was nine years old, I remember watching the music video and thinking the dude was a total ladykiller :rofl:


Cowards. What a farce it is becoming!


He was.
There was him, and his equally attractive mates, George Michael, Boy George and butch Freddie Mercury, who were just girl magnets.
Parents had to lock up their daughters when this lot were in town.


Terrorist attack


Oh fuck!