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What? Are you suggesting it is a plot? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Any of us could jump in our cars right now and run some people over. What are you really expecting our agencies to do?


Ban cars :coq:


Terrorists of the future will be hackers and they will hack those driverless cars and have them drive into crowds.

Speed 3: No Control :sunglasses:


Just an accident - how is that a terrorist related incident - talk about over reacting even May tweeted about that bullshit !!


Johnston, a 12-time British champion who went to the Winter Olympics in 1998, 2002 and 2006 before becoming a coach, was accused of telling a member of the squad, Toby Olubi, “I knew you would be late because you are black” and, later in the same training session on 4 July, 2013: “Black drivers do not make good bobsleigh drivers”.

a number of people who have worked alongside Johnston have told the Guardian they do not believe that he is racist

Yeah, clearly not a racist


Clearly he has never watched cool runnings!


Or he’s only watched the scene with the crash.


Or he just gave all the credit to John Candy.


@will24 @AbouCuellar



That view is probably more in line with the public than most politicians (left or right), how incredible haha




This Harvey Weinstein story has kicked up a gear, he’s now being accused of being a serial rapist.


Always liked him!


This guy thinks it can be cured. He had paedophile thoughts due to his mum abusing him but never had the intention of using them so went to the doctor and got it cured so he could lead a normal life


paedophilia is not an illness that can cured in a conventional sense. It wrong to perceive it as an illness in the first place tbh.


Once you make the distinction between a person with a sexual orientation and a child abuser I think it’s hard not to feel sorry for people like this. The first half of that article basically articulates exactly what I mean perfectly. For every child abuser there must be lots of people sat at home living solitary lives and hating themselves because they can’t change what they feel and know it will never be right.

It used to be shameful for a man to have sex with a man or for a man to want to wear a dress and make up and have sex with women but society has finally grown up a bit and now it’s not. But I don’t think there will ever be a time (well I certainly hope there isn’t) when an adult having any kind of sexual activity with a child is an accepted thing by any modern society, so while the shame of the act will always be there, the shame of the feelings will always be there too so they’ll always be hidden away.

You’re basically expecting adults with a sexuality to live a completely celibate life. I mean that’s so far from the reality of my life that I really have no idea how it would feel. I’d guess the majority of us on here are heterosexual males, so if you imagine that sex with women was considered disgusting by all of society, it was always illegal, all pornography was illegal and there were no prostitutes. But nearly everyone else in the world isn’t attracted to women and are allowed to have a sex life and films and books are created focused on how great their sexuality is, just not for you because what you want is terrible. It sounds like some kind of dystopian world but I’m guessing that’s exactly what life feels like for people like this.

Maybe if it’s true that some of it is caused by trauma for whatever reason then that can be cured to a degree but I can’t imagine going to my doctor saying “help me I’m attracted to women” and then them being able to somehow completely take that away from me. You could probably suppress the feelings but while the level of shame is so high people won’t come forward and ask for help and they may be the ones that one day hit a breaking point and go searching the dark web for a bit of satisfaction or even worse.


Something I’ve studied a lot on my course, and I definitely feel sorry for them. And yes, I know that’s an unpopular viewpoint.


Can’t help but agree with you, i was very dismissive until @Craigie posted the above, which prompted me to do some research.

It must be like living an absolute nightmare, and I have huge respect for people that seek help about it rather than let it get the better of them.