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Their precious 2nd amendment does not fit into a modern existence where there are far more people and available guns than there were when the constitution was drafted.

Sooner or later its defenders have to admit defeat and realise - however sadly on a theoretical level - it is more important now to restrict overall widespread access to guns based on the potential actions of the few, versus maintain access to guns for the whole population based on late 1700s America notions of defending oneself from state oppression


The issue isn’t the 2nd Amendment, which I support. The issue is the sheer volume of weapons being produced, and how easy and cheap they are to obtain. And that’s before we even talk about mental health.

What’s annoying is it’s actually a very easy fix, without taking away everyone’s guns, if it weren’t for the influence of groups like the NRA.


What the easy fix exactly? Without putting a ban on guns. That seems the easiest fix. 'merica doesn’t seem like such a third world country where criminality is souring and all that. Or where dictators are in charge and people need guns.


In theory that’s the easiest fix, but the sheer amount of civil unrest caused makes it implausible. It would take a massive cultural shift for that to ever be considered.

What you need is good gun control and a healthcare system designed to help people, rather than profit from them. America has a mental health crisis that often masquerades as a gun crisis.

Maybe I was being ambitious in saying it was easy, but it can be, and without challenging the 2nd Amendment.


But that doesn’t change the fact that the american people don’t have a need to carry guns? A goverment has enough means to manipulate peoples opinion to create awareness etc. Like for example has been done with smoking. At least here.

One of the band members actually said they had guns, and were licensed to carry them, but couldn’t because otherwise they could have been seen has possible assailants. There really seems no purpose to carry for civilians.

No offence, but when it comes to guns it feels like the american people are more like toddlers who are going to scream if their toys are taken away.


This is something that I never see a response to from gun nuts. Imagine your in a nightclub, shopping mall, concert etcetc. You have absolutely no idea where the gun shots are coming from everybody is going crazy and then you see a guy standing in the middle with a rifle. You’d assume he’s the assailant you pull your rifle out but then someone see’s you with a rifle and assumes your the one firing and then so on and so on. I just dont get how the public carrying guns can stop it.


You know I’d never even thought of it that way (and it now seems such an obvious point) until I saw someone post what the guy in the band said, and it’s totally fucking true. You’d be most likely to just get yourself shot surely


The shooting of Philando Castillo probably a good example of the confusion people carrying guns could lead to. This was one of the cases about police brutality against black people. Castillo was licensed to carry a gun, said that he had a gun on him and the police officer in question shot him, because he thought he was reaching for it.


Yeah I would imagine part of owning a gun would involve training about how to use it safely in public situations, if required.

But I’m guessing that isn’t the case?


I think that you have a gun licence in order to simply own a gun, if you want to carry in public that requires a different licence or special permissions. So to simply own a gun I would assume there isn’t any training on how to use it in public, because you aren’t allowed to have it in public.

Could do with an American to factcheck that lol


The licence is merely a security check, as laughable as that sounds. There’s no training required, and you don’t need to demonstrate any proficiency in using it in order to own it.

I think that’s different if you want to conceal it, in which case you need a different licence.


Try telling that to the inbreds though.


So today here in Spain in the news and through friends and whatsapp there’s been going around this text, attributed to Isabel Coixet (important liberal Catalan film director and personality):

Isabel Coixet. Directora catalana de cine, cuenta toda la verdad al mundo.

A TODOS mis amigos internacionales:

"Este fin de semana me di cuenta de que algunos de mis amigos internacionales están confundidos por lo que está pasando en España con Cataluña. Espero que esto ayude:

  • España es una democracia occidental y sus ciudadanos catalanes votan con frecuencia. De hecho, entre elecciones europeas, nacionales, regionales y municipales han votado 6 veces en los últimos cinco años.

  • En las últimas elecciones regionales, los partidos pro-secesión decidieron unirse en torno a un solo tema -independencia- y no sólo no lograron obtener la mayoría de los votos, sino que también perdieron votos en relación con las elecciones anteriores. Las encuestas, incluso las pagadas por los separatistas, demuestran que el apoyo a la independencia es una minoría y en declive.

  • Cataluña no está “oprimida”. Es una de las regiones más prósperas de España y sus ciudadanos disfrutan de un alto nivel de vida y uno de los más altos grados de autogobierno de cualquier región de Europa.

  • El partido que tradicionalmente dirigía el gobierno regional de Cataluña ha utilizado durante los últimos 30 años dinero público para promover una agenda separatista a través de la educación y los medios locales y se ha financiado ilegalmente con un esquema corrupto en el que los contratistas tuvieron que pagar sobornos al menos 3% de cualquier trabajo público.

  • La región de Cataluña nunca ha existido como una entidad política independiente y fue parte o el Reino de Aragón, que se fusionó dinásticamente con el Reino de Castilla en 1492 para crear la España que conocemos hoy. No hay “unión”, como en el Reino Unido. Cataluña es España lo que Rousillon es a Francia o Cornualles a Inglaterra.

  • España es democracia parlamentaria, con una constitución que puede ser enmendada. Una votación sobre la secesión territorial requeriría tal enmienda y el apoyo de una mayoría calificada de españoles.

  • Ningún país u organización internacional (con la excepción de Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela) ha apoyado este movimiento.

Entonces, ¿por qué el alboroto? A medida que la economía mejora y el apoyo a la independencia disminuye, los separatistas temen “perderse el tren” y, rompiendo con las leyes españolas y regionales, se han embarcado en una campaña para presentar al gobierno central como “malvado” por no permitir un referéndum regional que no cumplen con la constitución (ampliamente aprobada en toda España, incluida Cataluña). Este ruido también oculta los escándalos regionales de corrupción y establece separatistas como víctimas de las próximas elecciones generales."

Turns out it was just an english translation put up by some guy on reddit “written by a senior international finance executive based in Barcelona”.

Pretty funny, but the text is worth reading, it must be said:

As written by a senior international finance executive based in Barcelona:
“This weekend I realised that some of my international Friends are confused by what’s happening in Spain with Catalonia. I hope this helps:
Spain is a western democracy and its Catalan citizens vote frequently. In fact, between European, national, regional and municipal elections web have voted 6 times in the last five years.
In the last regional election, pro-secession parties decided to unite around a single issue –independence- ant not only failed to win a majority of the vote, but also lost votes relative to the prior election. Polls, even those paid by the separatists, show support for independence is a minority and in decline.
Catalonia is not “oppressed”. It is one of the most prosperous regions in Spain and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living and one of the highest degrees of self-rule of any region in Europe.
The party that traditionally ran the regional government of Catalonia has, for the last 30 years, used public money to promote a separatist agenda through education and local media and has illegally funded itself with a corrupt scheme where contractors had to pay bribes of at least 3% of any public work.
The region of Catalonia has never existed as an independent political entity and was part or the Kingdom of Aragon, which merged dynastically with the Kingdom of Castille in 1492 to create the Spain we know today. There is no “union”, as in the UK. Catalonia is to Spain what Rousillon is to France or Cornwall to England.
Spain is parliamentary democracy, with a constitution that can be amended. A vote on territorial secession would require such amendment and the support of a qualified majority of Spaniards.
Not a single country or international organisation, with the exception of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, has supported this movement.
So why the fuss? As the economy improves and support for independence wanes, the separatists are afraid of “missing the train” and, breaking Spanish and regional laws, have embarked on a campaign to present the central government as “evil” for not allowing a regional referendum which does not comply with the constitution (overwhelmingly approved throughout Spain, including Catalonia). This noise also conveniently masks regional corruption scandals and sets up separatists as victims for the next regional election."

This does seem very reddit, that it would be the first place this text appears on the internet, translated quite well from spanish, before being translated back (or just using the original spanish text wherever it is, or whoever the original source is) to spanish and attributed to Isabel Coixet, whereon she received hundreds of thousands of messages of support and applause and adulation as well as threats and cursings of ‘fasicist’. :joy:


The Basque Country has called for a referendum on their independence.

They should concede it. Basque is just another country and another language compared with Spain.


La Liga getting weaker by the day here.



Again? Smh…


Every time there is conservative disarray there is a so called terror atttack


What are you trying to suggest? Take your tin foil hat off first before you respond


Are our agencies so rubbish that we have an attack every other month. It’s like were off for the summer because everyone needs a holiday and now their ready for action