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Yea if he’d actually done that, sure. But he didn’t. So drop it.

He laughed at the fact dishonesty was the same between right and left political right spectrum. I’m pointing out how it is different and if @SpankyJoyJoy is stupid enough to not know the wacky right in the US claim all Dems are Pedos and think the lying is equal, then unfortunately he’s very much ignorant.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds their actions (facebook, twitter) worrying.

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what actions? sorry you didnt quote.

I think the power these big tech monopolies wield is scary, and the way Parler has been dealt with also concerning.

The internet is becoming more and more essential. I think we have to be very careful, and not have all this power for access in the hands of these silicon valley clowns.

But then I don’t see a better alternative.




Another Scottish Labour leader goes. @Electrifying dead party :joy::joy::joy:


So you want to socialize the internet? Commie scum.

Having never heard of him before I listened to a podcast he was on last week where he was talking big about getting more seats than the conservatives etc…and now he is gone :joy:

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They are dead in Scotland.

This is the 5th leader they have had since 2014.

If they want to be reborn they should elect a pro independence leader


I wonder what the odds of every major Scottish party having a new leader by the time of the may elections will be :eyes:

The Watford of Scottish Politics


I don’t think Sturgeon leaves mate she looks pretty safe.

Tbh I couldn’t care less who is in charge of the SNP tho as long as they deliver independence

This means they will be looking into whether she lied to parliament. And she did lie to parliament. That is a resignation offence.

The opposition parties will make sure of it.

She is mudded bro. Sooner or later. And I’d rather it was sooner.

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Bit dodgy this :joy:


Not much in it:

It said no records of criminals or dangerous persons had been deleted, and that the wiped records were those of people arrested and released when no further action was taken.

From my understanding and I might be wrong. Those people would be able to request their dna and finger prints are taken off the database within a period of time


Cringey fucking bastards.

Sorry what’s going on in that tweet? Who are those guys?

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Just a picture of a bunch of mates on a night out that somehow became a meme lol