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Piqué: “We know Rajoy’s level. He goes around the world and doesn’t even speak english”.

:arteta: Galician farmer :arteta:



The USA and their free weapons :expressionless:


Free weapons?


I guess Luca meant free (access to) weapons.

…then again

50 dead now apparently. I don’t give a fuck what dickheads say about owning guns for protection- this cunt wouldn’t have killed 50 people with a knife or a stick. The US’ gun fetish is so past the point of no return it’s not really worth talking about. I don’t mean to sound callous but this is just the latest in a long line of mass shootings most of which we don’t hear about over here. What will happen about it? Absolutely fuck all, except people buying more guns to protect themselves from the terrorists.


It’s fascinating to watch the difference in reporting between this event, and what happened in Orlando.


Could you elaborate?


Yeah it’s fucked. The gun culture here is way too deep and there’s no way out of it. Only thing is that maybe we can cut down the high powered weapons and riffles and confine people to just hand guns.

Once again a member of my wife’s family was actually at the concert. Her cousin, he’s fine but obviously shaken up. Her family is huge, it seems like they are always around these disasters in some way shape or form :confused:


Not much to elaborate on. The same type of crime is talked about differently depending on the ethnicity of the assailant.

But you already knew that :slight_smile:


That would have been my first guess. I haven’t been following the reporting at all, so I asked you to elaborate instead of assuming the media were up to that shit again and automatically agreeing with you. Wasn’t trying to make a sly point or draw you into an argument.


i assume the guy tweeting this is part of the band that was playing at the time of the shooting


10 years ago as a younger man who didn’t trust the government i would have argued for gun rights as well. Nowadays there are wayyy too many wackos and they are coming up with new and inventive ways every year to kill as many people as they can. Plus this type of shit doesn’t happen in Europe. Of course the terrorist cunts in europe come up with some fucked up ways to kill people as well so it’s not going to ever go away completely but you can definitely make it a lot harder by taking away guns. If your goal is to kill as many people as possible in the fastest way guns are easy mode.


No legislation will come of this, and in a weeks time most people would have forgot it even happened.


I don’t think society is yet that conditioned to gun massacres for this to be shelved in a week. At least I hope not


pretty standard practice in america isn’t it?


Sandy Hook, Viriginia Tech, Orlando, Elliot Rodgers, San Bernardino.

Every time people said the same thing “we’re not conditioned to it, it’s still shocking” and yet nothing ever changes.

I mean, it can’t ever change, but still.


I know what you’re saying about how nothing will change, but the scale of this still makes it shocking. It won’t disappear from the headlines in a week


If you go to a news channel comment section, it is filled with ‘Prohibitions don’t work’ ‘Gun laws won’t help’

If only there was a template of the entire fucking world where guns are prohibited and not a single peep about people shooting each other.

It’s like they live in their own world where America is only country.


It’s so weird how embedded this seems to be in American culture. Distrust of the goverment.


USA society is so fucked up, guns addiction/fetish, bigotry and drug culture is taking them to a point of no return.