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Do we actually believe the people who comment on the daily mail are actually people and not bots :arteta:

Yeah saw it on Apple news thing this morning. It’s crazy because personally I think the less government is involved in our lives the better but this is one of those things that’s a necessity and like @SRCJJ said it’s crazy that it’s actually taken this long for it to happen anywhere.

How is it breaking news on the BBC that Meghan Markle wrote an article in the New York Times about having a miscarriage?


Honestly I wish I knew what everyone’s obsession with the Royals are. Having watched the crown recently (like @Stroller forced by my wife to watch something I don’t want to in the name of harmony) I despise them even more now, I get that it’s embellished etc… But they really are scum, all they do is fuck each other, cheat on each other, moan about how privileged they are all the whilst lving on tax payers money whilst looking down on the average person.


Yeah it’s why I can’t see how people look at William as genuine. When you’ve heard your dad wanted too be your step mums tampax while married too your mum, you’d think you may have just given Royal family a swerve.


Yeah exactly, and to be honest mate I don’t think any of them are genuine. The monarchy are just an outdated relic.

I watched a series of all the British monarchs whilst I was away for work earlier in the year, (granted documentaries are just bitesized samples and slightly sensationalised) and there really isn’t anything noble about any of them. Children fighting parents, brothers killing brothers, sister conspiring against each other, cousins killing each other, and that’s not even going into how they basically treated the average person’s as slaves, punished people brutally for promiscuity and sexual “deviancy” all the whilst taken part in all of the above. Then add to that the current family isn’t even really English and most of them are inbred plus all of the above then you have ask your self why should these people represent us as heads of state?


I’m amazed at how many people idolise the royal family and bow and scrape to them.
People treat them as if they are better than the rest of the population and think they are well bred.
Anyone who thinks inbreeding works, then this is the family that proves it doesn’t.

Throughout history they have taken land and property that wasn’t theirs, murdered, stolen from the poor, tortured, changed laws on a whim to suit themselves and looked down at the rest of us.

What is their job?
Going around cutting ribbons and opening shopping centres is not hard work, neither is waving from a balcony waving at millions of “their subjects” waving back.

As for the myth that they bring in tourism, that’s nonsense.
Tourists come to see our historic buildings and castles, they don’t expect the Queen to invite them in for tea.

They are just a bunch of self promoting parasites that have a PR team ready and poised to let you know that they shop at normal shops, just like the rest of us, and very now and then they’ll wear an outfit more than once, just like the rest of us.

What’s to like?


Would like to say the same about the Swedish royal family. What a bunch of idiots! The only one who seems somewhat down to earth is the princess who will inherit the throne. She named her daughter (who is next succession) Estelle, which caused an outrage amongst former employees of the court and royalist cunt journalists. The name wasn’t “royal” enough. We’re talking about 2012 here, let her name her child to whatever the F she wants.

Our King Karl XVI Gustaf has had confirmed affairs with other women. He has called unemployed people lazy. The amount of scandals through the years are ridiculous. He has zero personality (that he would attract tourists is laughable). He has a car collection worth £40million (tax payers money). The queen Silvia is of German and Brazilian descent and has lived here for 45 years, yet she still speaks awfully bad Swedish. She’s also gone through countless facelifts and botox procedures (guess who payed for them).

The royal family’s ancestry is very questionable as well. We didn’t have anyone to succeed the throne in 1818 (we did, but the kings nephew was a very unpopular choice). So what to do? :thinking: Let’s import a new King! :joy: What’s even more hilarious is the fact that we chose Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshall and General of France, one of Napoleons closest men :rofl: You can’t make this shit up! His wife Desiree Clary was sister-in-law to Napoleon and related to the Swedish royal family, albeit very very far back. Napoleon himself (who was anything but a royalist) even signed and approved this deal. So Bernadotte started a fake war with England to please Napoleon (but all trade with Britain remained in secrecy).


The best thing about the Royal Family is that they are like a foundation stone. All of the things we care about - liberty, rule of law, democracy, are protected by them. Not just in the literal sense either, but in the sense that they are a relic of history. That’s sometimes a plus. Hard to fuck with liberty and our traditions if our Royal Family figureheads are for our liberty, which they would be push comes to shove as it’s also their survival. Is monarchy a medieval concept. Yeah blatantly. But on balance that relationship to our history through them is worth keeping.

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Like fuck it is. No relevancy to modern day life or people they so call rule.
Plenty of countries in the world survive and prosper without one.
They play no part but visiting foreign countries as sweeteners for trade deals etc. Need fucking eradicating as soon as.


Just noticed your avatar…
You are a Johnny Lawrence/Karate Kid fan??

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Sorry mate but I can’t agree with that, the British People have fought for their rights for nearly a thousand years. The Magna Carter, The creation of the first Parliament, the civil war etc… much more I can’t even think of the top of my head. All of these against a Tyrannical Monarchy. They’ve been forced to accept these things, and have tried to oppose any change to lessen their power every opportunity!

We don’t need them.


I’d care a lot less about the Royal Family if they were self sufficient, and weren’t subsidised for over £100m a year.

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Yep, he started the Cobra Kai thread.


Karate Kid is one of my top 5 movies ever

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the story was great

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They protect it? This line of thought is completely new for me. Royal families everywhere have been fought to attain those liberties. With Louis XIV’s death as the most famous example.

Or the British royal family is an exemption on that rule.

Basically what @BizzySignal is saying lol.


Yes of course, but the point here is the monarchy has lost most of it’s power and and is now a constitutional monarchy, ergo the power they now protect is the constitutional bit. Out of self-interest they would protect the thing we cherish. My point was meant to be deeper than that though, my previous post I wrote pissed, so maybe wasn’t very clear haha. By being figureheads loved by lots of the population - importantly here Nationalists, the monarchy functions as a really good tool for stemming the worst tendencies of nationalism. To go against liberty, rule of law, to go more fascist is to go against the Queen and what she represents. And she represents our history of things like Magna Carta even if her ancestors fought against it. She represents our myths basically and that’s quite a good thing. Americans for example can topple a statue of say Abraham Lincoln but you can’t topple the Queen. She ensures continuity of sorts and that’s got to be good. At the very least it’s a safety net.

No it’s the thing that perpetuates the class system and worse that least trustworthy of things the establishment.
Again the majority of the world don’t have a Royal family and a lot that did prosper and function easy without one.
Really don’t see the logic in your argument, especially as you end it on protecting myths. One of the worst aspects of them and people in this country is the buying into this nonsense. Costs us much more than the millions we invest.


Myths are the stories well tell about ourselves. They are important. They translate into our sense of self, what we are and stand for.

They do function just fine. I’m not really talking about function. I’m talking about safety and continuity. The first European country to rid itself of Monarchy was France. It was only 200 odd years ago. not long really. It also resulted in a lot of violence.

Does the monarchy perpetuate the class system? It may have a minor role in that, I suppose. It’s hardly essential to it.

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There’s no question that Queen Elizabeth has excelled in her role as our head of state, she’s enhanced the international reputation and diplomatic standing of the UK. How you measure that in terms of pure wealth/money?

I can buy into republican arguments if there was a constitutional crisis of some kind but the key Windsors seem to understand their responsibilities.