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In your opinion it’s disingenuous.


Or maybe when he says “protect” he means he wants to protect his ability to live a certain lifestyle which requires millions?

I don’t see how you can be annoyed with Rashford lol it’s his money he can buy what he likes and he can also defend himself. If he was white the daily mail wouldn’t have cared

I see it more as when these pay checks dry up at age 35 it’s more like still have some income, and indeed, maintain a certain standard of life.

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Good on you Rashford, talented young footballer comes across as a genuine bloke and being smart with his money.

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At least he didn’t buy a new sink for his mum, then there would have been proper outroar.

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Outcry or uproar.

Make your mind up, love.


I did think when I typed that it didn’t sound right. I had a mind blank.


TBF It needed Dave to point it out for me to notice.

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Most houses come with sinks. :hipster:


The Bastard

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How are British leftists reacting to this? Are landlords now good?

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The solution of the wealth gap from a British leftists position is to increase taxes on property, wealth, ultra 50% VAT on high value items, ie sports cars, and to a lesser extent higher wages - because they circumvent that.

Was going to say I wished he played for us, but I know that if any of our players do something nice they get called a dickhead or described as someone with good PR.

Let’s plant some trees if we win. “Well if you cared, you’d do it when we lose too.”

Let’s give kids some books. “In my day we just went to the library”


Fair too a degree but think he’s getting a bit more respect for highlighting the government’s poor performance.

This is what I am talking about. He shouldn’t be getting any criticism at all.

What he is doing may seem obvious, but no one else is bloody doing it!

Library’s are another thing the Tories have fucked over. I saw some cunt try to argue you don’t need a library with books any more because of the internet, like it’s anywhere near the same thing.

On another note thebookpeople do incredibly cheap book sets.


For sure, so many have closed down. My town still has one, but it’s run voluntarily and only open 2 and a half days a week.

And even then, it’s not the same thing as owning your own book. I think I was more privileged than I realised, I thought I was pretty poor as a child. But I had books. I genuinely couldn’t believe there were that many children who’d grown up never owning a book! Rashford said he didn’t read a book until he was 17!

So yeah, if he wants to make sure every child owns a book then good on him.


It’s a good thing he’s doing and he does seem genuine. It highlights that the government should be engaging in extending the library service alongside school reading programs.

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It’s actually impressive and heartening knowing how many kids are still reading in this high tech time.
Children books sell really well on the market and the library should be a mainstay of all towns and cities.

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