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Such a non story.




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Harry Kane


Does the lion have a big lisp too?


Id imagine Millwall fans would embrace it tbh.






He’s back


What is wrong with Catalans anyway?
In a world where we are trying to dissolve boundaries, why do they want to add another?


Interesting viewpoint, I’d say we’re in a world where nationalism is to the fore and people are seeking to put up boundaries among and between each other across any number of lines


Build a wall and get the Spanish to pay for it? :thinking:


FFS, people like that woman tweeting are a huge part of the problem, not some protector of freedoms and justice as she would no doubt fashion herself. Our government is largely incompetent and extremely flawed, but it is not repressive. When the supreme court of a state (Cataluña) gives an order to stop voting, what is the government to do? Use its police forces to disobey the order? No, it must follow the laws…not following them is a much more bigger risk of leading to oppression, dictatorship, and fascism, that is, injustice.

The problem is the way the independentists have fomented a spirit of revolution and fervent, radical emotion, and the way the government has done little but basically pour fuel on the fire. This is why we we have these sad images. But the police is doing really the only thing it can do under law (except for the few police officers–which are inevitable in the fevered environment encouraged by the independentists–who inevitably end up using excessive force, because in every police force there are these idiots), and people like that woman, tweeting that nonsense, are very, very much apart of the problem, as much or more so as the leaders of the independentists as well as Rajoy and the rest of the government who have handled this all so terribly and insensibly.


Is there any reason why the Spanish have acted this way this time?

This isn’t the first time Catalonia voted for independence, but normally Spain just say, ‘thats cute doesn’t count carry on everyone’. Why all the fuss and riot police this time?

It’s a terrible decision to do that because it then legitimises the referendum and its result. And makes Spain into the bad guy.

I say that as someone who is probably in favour of Catalonian independence, if that is the way their people want to go.


^ fixed that for you :smile:


Unfortunately there will unlikely be crucial dialogue between a useless Spanish government and a useless Catalan government. It’ll only get worse with clowns in charge of the process


It’s not so simple as that tbf. An illegitimate vote is an illegitimate vote. To make change you don’t disobey the laws of a democracy with a constitution and legitimate forms of voting, and replace them with illegitimate and flawed ones. That’s precisely how you create an unjust government/system, actually. To make change you change the laws, you slowly put better lawmakers in place to change the laws, to replace them with better ones, etc…you educate the populace to vote the right lawmakers in place to change said laws…

It’s not a slow process, that, it doesn’t have as many immediate rewards as just saying, fuck it, we’re going to vote because it’s our right. No, that’s not a good alternative. If that’s the way it is, what should stop the rest of Spain from saying, you know what, if Cataluña wants out and we have a natural right to stage a vote (however flawed the vote might be), let’s stage one today and ask our populace: do you want to kill all Catalans? This, folks, is how you create injustice, repression, death, animosity, etc.

This comes from someone who is not in favour of Catalan independence, because, well, I quite like Cataluña, I quite like Catalans, some of my best friends are catalans, and I think they are far better off as part of Spain than as their own country. But this also comes from someone who is absolutely in favour of them voting in a lawful, correct manner. And who would accept their independence if a legitimate vote came out with a vote for independence.


Should have beat people up in that way though.


No I am genuinely asking why there has been the big fuss over this vote compared to the previous ones. Is there any particular reason, or is Rajoy just tired of their shit?


That, Rajoy and the government being generally incompetent and undiplomatic dicks about it, and the Catalonian Supreme Court order to seize voting material. In the last one (November 9 of 2015) I don’t believe there was such an order (though I’m not sure the matter even got so far, the government response as I recall them was much more of a ‘that’s cute, we’ve got bigger concerns’ I think then).

Incompetence on all sides, basically. But it’s worrying when fervent nationalism itself (the separatists, which is of course just a group/political party/ideology within Cataluña) tries to paint the rest (The Other, always the best friend of nationalists/radicalists) as nationalism. As a spanish citizen I don’t like that the rest of the world today will see us non-catalans, or us in support of unity, as some kind of fascist, when in truth since Franco there is scarcely a country more afraid and reactive against fascism, so much so that we are almost afraid to express any kind of patriotism for risk of being called fascist.

This is a good article that goes to what I’m saying, not sure how well a google translate would come out but worth reading if it’s somewhat readable: