The General News Thread

Sick is the operative word here.

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The woman picked him up as she was so worried by his mental health, he then preceded to burn her alive and almost set fire to himself he had 50% burns and laugh.

I dont think he was okay at all and whoever allowed the release and whoever let him get to that state with no help when he was inside are the ones at fault here…massive incompetence. He shouldn’t be allowed out with the public for the rest of his life, as should be before he committed this act

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I agree, the bigger question is why he was released in the first place.

Now that’s a fine


Yes but I still I feel like if you and a bunch of like minded spawn concoct a method to knowingly cheat on how much you can damage the world wide ecosystem to make more billionz, a fee isn’t the right type of punishment.

Just imagine where you are in life when that’s what you’re knowingly doing at work day in and out. Trying to figure out more effective ways to shit more where other people of future generations sleep.

Here I like the North Korean approach of public execution instead. tar, feathers, a live band perhaps.


That fine is nothing. It’s calculated risk.

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Meanwhile, Qantas is offering flights to nowhere. How’s that for the environment? And why would anyone want to fly for 7 hours to only return home. No thanks. I get that airlines have been hit hard, but this is pointless pollution.

And that price!

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Presumably you’d have to wear a facial mask for that duration too which can’t be comfortable. Bonkers on so many levels.

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If the fine is less than the profit generated then I see that as a cost than a fine

The worst thing about going to another country is the flight to get there. Fuck me people are weird.