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Interim findings by the Lammy inquiry last year found that male BAME defendants are 52% more likely to plead not guilty in crown courts than white defendants in similar cases.


How many do not how many are more likely


So I copy and pasted this post into google and this came up

If you’ve got a minute can someone other than Oliver read this and explain how it supports his stance and not mine?


I don’t really have a stance, other than the outcome of the Lavinia sentencing isn’t racially motivated.

to reiterate my stance: racism exists, but not every legal outcome is a reflection of or in some way related to race.


no use deleting it.

Your done, and you’d block me if you could. You sure are stroppy for a mature home owner.


The post I was replying too said “I don’t really have a stance”. And nothing more

Once I posted it the rest of your post had appeared so I deleted my post

But I am definately done now


So why are you getting upset?


Because your post before it was fully posted read as if you were taking the piss again, once I saw the whole thing I decided I had over reacted


You two really need to get a room together already


Was wondering who would be the lame-o to break out the “get a room together”, line :grin:




Who on earth comes up with these names.


Funny thing about hurricane names apparently more people die due to hurricanes with female names than male because because less people evacuate for hunnricanes that have female names, funny shit huh?!

Also they reuse the names until someone dies due to it then that hurricane name is never used again


Yeah the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) is in charge. I was disappointed to learn there are only 6 lists of names then they start again. There is no Jade on any of the lists so far, but you never know – If hurricane Joyce is deadly next year, I’m a shoe-in :smirk:


Is there a hurricane Jay? I bet he’d fucking smash shit up



Lol the premier league will surely do something about this
Edit; They went for the lion one


Weird that they’d choose an African native for its logo…

But yep, looks like the Premier League might have something to say


They’ll just make the lion face the other way :speak_no_evil:


Ukip lion looks like its gawping. Like most of their followers.