The General News Thread

Where have we heard this before? :joy:

Not sure how well publicised the oil leak in the article circle was due the COVID-19 coverage

2020 now throwing us the sequel to Chernobyl ffs :joy:

Have we not suffered enough?!

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Can 2020 end already?


FUCKING AMEN wish it never happened.

Not bitter or owt

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Top quality Sky drama coming in 2053 though


James camron should stop working on Avatar and start working omg the next blockbuster disaster movie should be called 2020

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Why does he always look like a homeless tramp.

You are the prime minister ffs. Sharpen up

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At least he’s had a shave, unlike some despicables we know.


This is the kind of Glasgow, hell Scotland, I want to see.

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Yeah and getting that on the main news outlets would go along way to changing attitudes.
Even putting it on here can make a difference.


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Suicide incoming in 3…2…


Do the same thing again but make it different

Yeah she ain’t gonna last long, she’s know potentially even more than Epstein

That person needs a history lesson, that symbol was originally the roman eagle standard the nazi party just happened to use it; further to that conversation the eagle on top of the a circular American flag has not been seen as racist until now.

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I do agree that its fucking annoying that every little thing the president does nowadays is recieved like some sort of underhanded attempt at him being a Nazi. At the same time, if he’s not purposely intending the imagery his cabinet or handlers really need to look closer and doing shit like this. Think before u do it. Of course he might just mean to do it as well.


And a swasticka was a none hateful symbol that actually means ‘Well Being’ in Hindi. It doesn’t change the fact it’s a bad look to associate with a Nazi symbol.

I think the artist is purposefully having a dig at Trump, who’s likely ignorant to the imagery.


WOW, I thought she was deliberately hiding out in a country without a extradition arrangement