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Yeah, that is a very different kind of stress.

I wasnt suggesting that you didn’t give a fuck about your spending generally, I was suggesting that I found the idea that someone who lived in Fulham would be deterred from buying confectionary they want because the price has gone up by a few pence :smile:

You were fucking about in Fulham Whole Foods just last weekend, but yeah, a few extra pence on a KitKat is where you draw the line :joy:

This is like Captain America: Civil War, the middle class version. 1v1 me irl in Waitrose


To be honest I think fruit and veg is pretty cheap already.

I just think there’s a serious lack of time and skill in terms of cooking good nutritious meals.

Of course this is just my speculation.

But nobody really has time these days to make some nice brown pasta with spinach or whatever. Or maybe not many people know how to cook.

So horrible, processed ready meals are the quicker and easier (not necessarily cheaper) option.

I don’t really know what else we can do to sort that though, instead of taxing sugary shite to high heaven.

Do what the Japanese do I guess. Ban ready meals and create fresh, decently-cooked reasonably healthy lunches to sell like their bento boxes instead of ready meals. That’s one option.

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Am I Iron Man or Captain America? :thinking:

I’m kind of weird, I literally will draw the line on things like that if I think I’m principally opposed to it because I feel like that mark up is unwarranted. Why I also hate the wedding industry and the luxury goods industry.

Anything where a 300%+ mark up is standard is fucking outrageous and is absolutely nothing to do with paying salaries of workers and costs and all to do with the owners reaping the benefits.

One of my favourite brands, Finisterre, was awesome because it was a local Cornish company with production split between Cornwall and Portugal. Bit pricey but worth it for the extra quality and knowing that it was priced according to their supply chain and the people doing the work.

Now they’ve moved production to Taiwan and Vietnam and whacked up the prices even more, which is fucking bullshit, so now I don’t buy their product anymore.

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Couldn’t agree more. My mum had to raise three boys in the 70’s on a shoestring budget, and we would rarely eat what people would consider junk food. To this day she cooks the most amazing meals, and hardly spends anything to do it.

A large part of that, I believe, is down to her mum growing up in the aftermath of WWII, and having to herself raise a large family with all the rationing.


Eh I just think it’s wrong you can get 3 multi packs of double deckers to 15 doughnuts for a punnet of raspberries or 5 pink lady apples. Or 10 doughnuts for a pack of easy peel oranges. I think making everything healthy cheaper would encourage better cooking and healthier eater , if you wanna tax bad foods.


A lot of this food though is consumed because everyone is never off a phone, tablet,console etc.
Parents and kids all of us we can’t get away from the things.
Age has no barrier I’m from the age of limited technology but even my generation have got sucked in and it distracts/ makes you lazy.
Personally think it’s a game changer that’s lead to a lot of this.
Apps for every eatery in town doesn’t help.

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worthy winner

So that’s Rafael Benítez’s full name is it?


@Calum we have to be careful mate. :arteta:


I’m Irish. :hipster:

(:joy: )

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Drug the Scots and they’ll forget about #IndyRef2

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They seem to do a good job of drugging themselves to be fair


Maybe drugging the Scots actually means making them sober? Like a double negative.

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I can tell you for a fact that that doesn’t work :poldi:


Oh no Gazza

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The English Sobotkas are in for it now.

Is that some kind of Polish reference? Google wasn’t very helpful :slight_smile:

@DavidHillier help this guy out bro

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You explain you lazy bastard!

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