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Trump and all other right wingers, are the ones focused on white identity politics, so it’s a bit rich that accusations of divisive identity politics are usually thrown at the ones experiencing the discrimination. The whites came up with the categories in the first place and going by the obsession with white birthrates, there’s little to suggest that this nonsense is about to end.

The western societies have got to lose their white identities before we can even begin to speak of post-racial societies. Racial segregation, and not just in America, is still a thing and those fortunate enough to grow up in tolerant multiracial neighbourhoods should be aware that they’re exceptions.

Here where I live (rural Sweden), real leftist politics would benefit most, but many now vote for the white nationalist Sweden Democrats. Is this, as some would suggest, due to the left abandoning the working class, thus making whites (or just “swedes” as they’re called) susceptible to populism? No, what made them that, was that they were racist to begin with. Although there has been more of an economic shift towards the right, I still think that there are serious left wing options available for these people to vote for. Many just refuse to see this though; they make distinctions between the “working class” and the “immigrants”, and consider the latter a threat, even if they too are part of the same working class (and often not even immigrants at all). Class has never not been spoken about, but this has not helped.

What is the solutions to this, if not to speak more about race, more about how these “white nations” are no longer such and no matter how much the racist shout about it, never will become all white again. They’re just simply gonna have to adapt and get it through their thick skulls that it’s indeed possible to be non-white, muslim and still be Swedish. We’re not all “immigrants” (and even people not born here should cease to be called “immigrant” after a while). Words like 2nd and worse, 3rd generation immigrants are pathetic and racist.

Once they learn to accept this, then perhaps they’ll consider to vote left again, instead of having twisted delusions that these populist will turn back time and deport god knows how many people. Same thing in America, with the “Again” in MAGA obviously representing a nostalgic desire to return to some mythical great all white time period.

–Keep in mind, that dominant identities, are often invisible, which is why even claiming that the MAGA movement is identity politics, is surely the kind of opinion many will consider to be SJW nonsense.

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I don’t know what prompted you to write this post as it’s bit off topic.

I don’t know about Sweden but I have been trying to understand why there is trend of nationalist politics across the globe.

Part of the reason is kinda the mindset you displayed in the post.
Liberals immediately point to people voting voting for right as racist and completely dismissing that liberals have been avoiding the pains of working class in favour of social issues.
Left is gathering browny points for suggesting measures to combat climate change and carbon emission; yet no measures are being displayed to masses as to how they will mitigate the job losses. No wonder coal workers voted for Trump.

Immigration is a genuine issue. The propensity of immigration into Europe and US is not sustainable and people are genuinely concerned about the toll on the economy to bed these immigrants. But no, it’s automatically racist to not want immigrants.

You create uncertainty of job and income for the masses and the masses will obviously go for the entities who provide the certainty.
You ignore the home population that’s been here for ages and pander to newer ones and obviously the politician who stirs the sense of nationalism and inclusive privilege will prosper.

Why is it necessary to do this to reduce discrimination?
This is again threatening the white masses and making it difficult for immigrants to gel with them.
Everyone would welcome diversity but it shouldn’t be at the expense of losing your core identity.

Spain & Portugal is fascinating to me because they have such strong cultural identity built on centuries despite strong Moorish underlayer.
Statement like these may means something else but it only brings the threats of the dilution of the culture that the people have grown to love.

Nazare’s folk dances or Lisbon Fado music are already a concern of being fading away and you throw the concern of immigration in people’s mind saying stuff that Western society needs to be less white and obviously the passionate ones will retaliate.
They are not racist. They are proud and concerned.
There are better ways to achieve diversity without losing your identity.

It’s again the same principal - Ask a black or Asian society to be less black or less Asian and it would be deemed racist.


It’s so true nobody would go to China or any African nation and tell them, you actually need to be less black or less Chinese for the sake of diversity.

Why do European countries need to loss their whiteness ( which wasn’t a problem before 2010).

First a sidenote: racism is a different thing than people being scared of cultural change but that is often what people include in the term racism so that’s just a side thing. The fear of cultural change is then on a grey scale for almost everyone, you won’t see or hear much of it if the rate of change is slow, but whenever it threatens to change fast people get nervous to various degrees, some easily and they will be the first to fall for populism, some less easily, and over how their culture is at stake and the “white identity” you talk about. The left used to mean take care of our less fortunate, now populists (SD) have made it into lets take care of our Swedish…ism. lol

The right wing extremist winds in Europe in the last 10 years is probably due to the financial crisis which put strains on the living standards in combination with the Arab spring and civil wars and the mass emigrations that followed. People who do not normally feel any pressure from the cultural rate of change started to due to poor economy and a large influx of people and populists took the opportunity to yell the loudest.

It’s the same mechanics that kicked off Nazi Germany just a much milder version of it. It’s the same thing every time everywhere else as well. It’s rarely a problem if the economy is doing well and the influx is slower. Suddenly it’s “their fault” the social welfare is going to shits and “we should focus on taking care of ourselves first” and all that mumbo.

It’s what you’d want people to learn about in history class in school so that they wouldn’t fall for this cheap trick but history tends to be taught in the worst way in school and is all about memorizing what year what king banged what queen or whatever instead, at least that’s my experience here in Sweden lol

We’re also historically very receptive of new people so during the Syrian civil war, just like with Chile back in the 80’s, former Yugoslavia in the early 90ss, Iraq, Somalia etc. (you know all about it) we receive a lot of immigrants compared to our population size and we generally did fairly well. I think the difference was that the economy was better and the influx was more manageable in people’s views. The situation in the last 5-10 years is more extreme, so you got more people on that grey scale to react.

And even though I understand and agree with your point about not viewing 2nd gen immigrants as immigrants as a political/cultural argument, I don’t think the connotation is necessarily racist and I am sure that unless used in a political context being called 2nd gen immigrant does not feel racist to me or any 2nd gen immigrants I know. I don’t see it as inherently offensive at all if used in other contexts.

What is funny to hear though is how we have historically been able to do alright integrating influx of several percent of our population over and over, especially under for example Palme, and now with for example the Syrian civil war you hear other countries of similar economic stability and larger populations cry over a few thousand immigrants or w/e. Just imagine Lebanon right now, 6m population and are handling ~2m Syrians with an already strained economy.

They are quite literally a nation of immigrants, probably only Argentina comes close to how much of their nation is based upon the historic immigration(both voluntary and what Ben Carson would call involuntary immigration) they received.

But funnily the US has generally always hated the latest wave of immigrant that arrived there. Irish, Italians, Germans, Eastern Europeans,Japanese and Chinese to more modern Mexican and central American immigration(and they carry a lot of the fault for the shitshow that is central America and historically the Latin Caribbean)


I think the problem we on the left have is that we only see this matter through an economic lens, we say things like - but leftwing economics would really help you, why so blind, and even though there is clearly truth in that, it fails to recognise that people are cultural more than they are economic. This I feel is why our arguments often fall on infertile ground. People are used to being poor, and don’t generally mind being so (or certainly they don’t have great expectations for it changing), but they do feel connected to their local environment. Fuck with that and they will easily turn populist. For a lot of people it’s all they have and it’s not a superficial thing. They do share a common working class ground with foreigners that’s true, but they don’t share the culture, and I think that just as emotion generally trumps intellect, culture generally trumps economics. We shouldn’t treat cultural expectations so blithely. That would be my main objection to what @A.F had to say.

Racism was normalised here before there were any non-white people here.
I did write that there are still genuine left wing political parties around. Many still vote for them and if you look at many of the “immigrant neighbourhoods”, then you’ll see that left wing parties are by far the majority. This despite these parties hardly being virtue signalling SJW liberals obsessed with race/id-pol as you seem to imply. On the contrary, race, I should say, is not spoken about here. It’s not part of our language. Sweden, like many/most European countries are colourblind. Did this magically just make racism disappear? Absolutely not. Nor did this happen in France either, to use another example.

So what social issues are you implying that they decided to focus too much on?

Also, how can you agree with a post that’s sceptical of identity politics, only to then be fine with white identity politics? It is of course possible to be totally against id-pol, but then it should be more something similar to this, for example:

No such thing here, nor do I get the sense that this happens in any meaningful sense in America.

And besides, in America, whites, although they’re the default and the ones who “own the country”, as the MAGA fools are sure to subtly remind the others of, are obviously not indigenous to the continent.

On what moral basis, can they maintain a white identity, which no matter how you think of it, is exclusive as it’s not something you can really assimilate/integrate into unless you have the proper phenotype

You seem to misunderstand me. I’m not saying that western countries have to be less white just for the sake of it. I’m saying that many countries that once were all white (or in the case of Australia and America, countries only for whites despite never being such) that are now quite multiracial and in some cases officially multicultural as well, cannot maintain an exclusive identity as that implies that those who aren’t white/“real” swedes/real french/germans etc. (same shit everywhere) are a demographic threat. We’re not going anywhere.

Well, an immigrant is a nice word used to describe a visible minority in the Swedish language. Many who take offence at the word are those who have their “swedishness” often questioned if not flat out denied.

Language matters and this, and how normalised this is, further reinforces the view that there are swedes and others…who can maybe still be sent back :poldi:


Cultures change all the time. They do this, and always have done whether or not they experience massive waves of migration.

Besides, what can be considered a cultural change, can often be something like a racial demographic shift, even if no meaningful cultural change really has happened.

Since the topic in the first place was America and race vs class, then I might as well share this, which I thought was quite good:

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I did suspect that I didn’t understand your post for what you meant to say. Fair enough.

I can’t comment on political scenario of Sweden. Completely uneducated in that regards

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If you were referring to my post, that’s not quite the full story.

Think what you like about the BBC and Andrew Neil but he’s damn effective at holding people to account and exposing holes.

His platform is much more effective than a debate. Does not give anybody an easy time

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Tragic. Horrible watching it snap :disappointed:

And that’s why you’ll never catch me on any theme park ride lol


Sure a similar ride crashed the other week aswell

Always think the travelling fair grounds are really dodgy. So many of the workers look so dodgy and dont trust health and safety rules are strictly adhered to all the time.
Literally have kids of 13 or 14 running some of them rides.


Surprised nobody on here has mentioned the death of the antifa guy who attacked the ICE building in DC

Maybe you should mention it.


Sounds like a cunt.

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