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Love how he looks wrecked in every photo lol

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He has a shit beard though

Too funny man

He’s a great soul, leave the man alone!


Good job Denmark!


First they give us bacon and now this.

Gotta love 'em


Fuckers. Why do you have to be so cool Denmark?


Yeah we’re pretty innovative in that space! It’s awesome.

My new job is actually going to be working with Foreign Direct Investment into Cleantech and Biotech in Denmark.

Really excited to be getting into that space and industry, lots of growth I think.


Evil viking bastards. :hipster:


Really interesting industry that, like many other industries - a lot of dodgy stuff goes on in the black market with regards to that. Carbon credits are a huge profit maker these days and people will do a lot to get them.

On the Copenhagen carbon free milestone, just fucking awesome.

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Yeah where I work now trades emissions and carbon derivatives etc. and it is nutty and kind of defeats the purpose of having emission targets for companies haha

Pretty interesting stuff

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What was done to this man by the so called purveyors of democracy shows exactly how shameful and wrong they are


Payout for yoga teacher hit by cyclist as she crossed road… on her phone

Tristan Kirk

Evening Standard18 June 2019

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Payout for yoga teacher hit by cyclist as she crossed road… on her phone

A yoga teacher knocked unconscious by a cyclist when she stepped into the road while looking at her phone has won compensation, despite a judge ruling the crash was partly her fault.

Gemma Brushett, 28, was crossing a junction in London Bridge when she was hit by Robert Hazeldean’s bike, knocking her out and leaving her with a minor head injury.

She was staring at her mobile phone as she stepped into the road, Central London county court heard, and did not see the cyclist until the last minute when he sounded an airhorn.

Ms Brushett, who works for a City finance company, “panicked” and tried to retreat to a traffic island but Mr Hazeldean swerved in the same direction and hit her.

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Gemma Brushett pictured outside London’s High Court (Champion News)

Judge Shanti Mauger accepted that Mr Hazeldean, a garden designer, is a “calm and reasonable road user” and rejected claims that he had been cycling aggressively or was “reckless” when the crash happened on July 20, 2015.

But she ruled that even though Ms Brushett, from Kent, was using her phone while crossing the road and must accept 50 per cent of the blame, Mr Hazeldean should also pay thousands of pound in compensation.

“Mr Hazeldean fell below the level expected of a reasonably competent cyclist in that he proceeded when the road was not completely clear,” she said.

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She ruled that Ms Brushett “must clearly have equal responsibility if she is crossing the road without looking” but added: “Cyclists must be prepared at all times for people to behave in unexpected ways.”

The court heard Mr Hazeldean, who now lives in southern France, was also knocked unconscious and suffered cuts and bruises in the crash at the junction of King William Street and Cannon Street.

Three pedestrians told police Ms Brushett was “not looking where she was going” and that “the cyclist was not at fault”.

The case will return to court at a later date for the amount of compensation to be decided.

From what I read it was a female judge.
I wonder what would have happened if it had been a man on his phone, and not paying attention, and a female cyclist.
This is an outrageous decision.

I wish he was driving a lory

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LOL was she crossing at a zebra? Cause if not, she is literally breaking the law and causing an accident in consequence, how can a court rule in her favour.


The cyclist was injured as well and she just walked out without looking, on her phone, not paying attention.

I cycle a lot and it happens all the time.
People don’t look because they don’t hear an engine and then I have to swerve to avoid them and they have a go at me when it’s their fault for not looking properly.


I’m confused as to why he has to pay damages? If the blame is 50/50, and both people involved were knocked unconscious.


He should ask for compensation as well to even it out.

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