The General News Thread


It sounds as if the Mother was using the baby as a tool to get what she wanted, which was a ticket back to this country, and now she has neither.







Boris Johnson claiming to much police time and resources being used on historical child sexual abuse cases.
Absolute cunt of a comment that. Lets see how many journalists go after him on that one. Not fucking many im guessing.


Working in the oil industry means I’m used to meeting people on fat salaries but even to me this sounds astonishing…

If my math’s is correct that means the average Shell employee takes home 118k a year


Stupid prick is getting roasted in the replies :joy:


Shocking attack in Christchurch from an Australian man opening fire on Mosque’s, filmed it all live on Facebook also. Potentially 50 + deaths.


That is completely fucked up. Hopefully the number of deaths doesn’t get any higher. RIP.

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Just sickening. To be that devoid of decency to not only carry out the attack mercilessly slaughtering helpless innocents, but then to broadcast it as well, disgusting, repugnant. There aren’t strong enough words.


They even filmed the attack on Facebook. Disgusting.

R.I.P. to all the innocent people who died.


Time for Ben Shapiro and his grifter mates to get the Abu Hamza treatment.

Tbf, they do in NZ.


That’s some fucked up news to wake up too :frowning:

RIP to all the victims.

Shame that this world is full of hatred for one another based on a lot of nonsense :frowning:


People like him don’t fucking realise that it’s their rhetoric that gives men like the perpetrator incentives to carry out their deeds and all should be said. It’s sickening.


Damn… RIP to all the victims.


That fucking scumbag should be put to death, no damn prison sentences wasting taxpayers money if you can do that to innocent people and mass murder whilst filming you deserve no remorse you should be found and executed the same day as you are found guilty. I dont care whether it is firing squad or hanging or lethal injection why should he get to live when scores of people dont.


Because he’s a scumbag and we’re not. That’s why we don’t behave like they do.


I watched the video, well a part of it, truely truely lost for words.

RIP to all the victims


Maverick, mate, it’s so out of character for you to fly off the handle. You alright mate?


just sickens the hell out of me…someone does that and thye just get jailed whilst taking so many lives. Or do that and then just kill themselves like a bunch of cowards. Why do all of than and kill yourself if you genuinely wanted to kill yourself there are thousands of unfortunates that do so (which saddens me) without harming anyone else but that hurts everyone around them. I just dont see the need for such wickedness its getting beyond the joke now…stuff like this should be capital punishment.