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No. I’m saying there’s also other factors at play.

The partition and all that is the source of some base animosity. But the current stuff also has geostrategic, territorial, nationalistic and political factors.

Anyways, looks like sanity is prevailing again.


Do you guys still think there is a Hindu Sikh divide?


Could you agree, that especially the first three, are a (direct) consequence of partition? Since without partition there is no Pakistan and India.

@Trion I personally don’t. Or a lot less at least. But fair to say that '84 stays always around or no?


Yes, still exists


Hmm it seems the outsiders are more keen about it than us Indians.
I wasn’t even aware of the conflict until Mo here emphasised about here, it is that meh of an issue here.

You will get many segment not in love with Muslims but I bet my house you won’t find any anymosity towards Sikhs.


Maybe, but there would still be religious tension even without partition.

Colonialism didn’t help either if we’re going to that far back, the Brits were always good at divide and conquer.


This is true but it’s also true that if not for British, India wouldn’t have been one country


Odd name


So why would anyone pay for this, when they use Netlix/Amazon which don’t require a tv licence?


That name. Kill it, kill it with fire :gabriel:


All I’m thinking is “shitbox”, don’t think I’ll be able to get that out of my head now whenever I hear it mentioned.


Will soon be the only way to get the best British made content if you live outside the UK. Some have suggested ITV and BBC will be removing their content from third party streaming services.


I guess it could have a market overseas


I was interested so went to check it out and was met with this.


The only way this works is if they pull all their content from Netflix/Amazon, and shut down iPlayer and ITV Player.

And not having it available to an international market would be a massive mistake.


It’s already operational in North America


Fair enough. :slight_smile:


North America makes much more sense.


I bet North America are gagging to get a string of Doctor Who series available to them


There is some animosity. Especially after, as @SDGooner says, 1984. That piss drinking paedophile Gandhi didnt help relations back in '47 either