The General News Thread


I don’t find that description that bad. It’s one of the things about psychopaths that is so fascinating. The way they can portray normality and fool people.

But I don’t think that was what the Daily Mail were thinking when they wrote it :slight_smile:



“milky complexion”

Fucking hell, the racial undertones couldn’t be clearer :joy: :joy: :joy:


India attacks terrorist site in Pakistan, Pakistan responds…


Good to see Pakistan has ammunition.
Some day they will use it against Terrorists, rather than just on armed forces.


Haven’t India and Pakistan both got nukes pointed at each other?


Biggest joke ever. Partition and conflict primarly based on the most trivial subject in human history; religion.


Why would they? They are on the same side lol :wink:.


Pretty much done with having normal life disrupted over trivial nuisances and subsequent escalations.
Terror attacks won’t stop and retaliations won’t stop.

We really need to improve socio-economic conditions in Middle east, else the circle will never break.

On a side note, is anyone tracking news from Venezuela?


A tad simplistic. There are many reasons for this current skirmish. Not least because certain leaders are conscious of elections to win.


At the end of the day it’s religion based violence.


Not really


Always tense between India nd Pakistan.


Those reasons would mean a lot less if there wasn’t a fundamental Islamic vs Hindu/Sikh divide.


Think Islamic Vs Hindu Vs Sikh divide is more accurate.

Religion is a major factor, but there are also other major factors involved too. Nationalism, territorial disputes etc etc.

Otherwise, Muslim Indians would be on Pakistan’s side instead of with India. This is what I mean by simplistic analysis.


And where does that nationalism and the territorial disputes originate from? Jinnah and the Muslim League wanting an Islamic country…

Are they 100% with India?


Yes. Many of the Indian media personalities, celebrities etc cheering this action are Muslim. Muslim Indians are pretty patriotic and can just as easily be anti Pakistan as Hindus.

Look if you can’t recognise there may be other things at play there isn’t any point in discussing it further.



Lol. That’s why sometimes religious riots concur indeed.

Ah. Ninja edit.


Yeah sorry wanted to add a bit more


You dispute that the whole 1947 partition, and what the struggles today are a consequence of, doesn’t have religious origins? F.e. the whole Kashmir conflict started in 1947 if I’m not mistaken.