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I don’t claim that. I think there are cases where it’s a choice and cases where it’s not. I could be wrong or right.

On a personal level, I don’t particularly care to dwell in this debate.

Start a new thread and ask everyone to allow it in this one :rofl:

You may find this interesting:

I did find that interesting :slight_smile:

This speculative and not conclusive; however it is an interesting step to finding out what’s going on.

Shit, some US citizen libertarian wacko just shot someone in a protest in Reñaca(posh beach resort town).

US citizen shooting in Chile? Branching out, are they?

Its an interesting debate. I have had a lot of gay friends over the years. Some have told me that they always were attracted to the same sex, even from their youngest memories. Others have told me that they were abused as a child and felt that was the reason they felt they were gay.

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I’ve known a lot of gay/bi people in my life, and never heard that before. I’ve heard stories from people of them hiding their sexuality because of childhood trauma. but never that the trauma determined who they were attracted to.

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I wonder what percentage of gay people can find the opposite sex somewhat sexually attractive and the percentage of straight people who can find the same sex sexually attractive.

The second part would definitely be higher, that much I do know :smiley:

With the amount of experimentation I’ve seen happen I should imagine it’s quite high haha

Onto the news, Bolivia is kinda fucked eh?


Che tried man.

Is he the same guy who removed the restriction of tenure?

Over 700 individual posts now manually tagged.



Lol this basically happened in the second season of Jack Ryan haha

Makes you think don’t it :pires2: