The General News Thread


Nice story!



Another shooting in a florida night club 2 dead and 7 severely injuried


Quick Russia build a wall!

“We hate migrants…So we will become migrants” :wink:

"German family travel to Russia to claim ASYLUM - claiming their country is no longer safe because of the migrant influx"


I don’t even know where to start with that family…


Lol. Seagull on a madness in Tesco :joy::joy:


This thread is a bit odd. One minute posts are about serious stuff like people being murdered and the next thing you see is a fluff piece about a seagull in a supermarket lol


This seems like an over-reaction. :giroud:



^^^ :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Horrible :frowning:


@Luca_from_Italy @Gio @Maxi_Gooner you alright, lads?


Thank you for your concern I live in northern england though!


Yeah, thanks a lot mate. I live up north, so we didn’t hear it. Earthquake was so strong and damn powerful. Many villages have been totally destroyed and there is more than 80 people killed :frowning:


Very sad to hear :disappointed:, I wish all the best for those who lost their beloved ones and who lost their houses.


Our Prime Minister said he fears they are gonna more more than 120 people killed :frowning:


Great article, well worth reading.


Well that didn’t last long did it?


Thats her 15 minutes over I guess.


Tesco withdraw brands including Marmite, PG Tips, Flora, Surf and Magnum from shelves amid Brexit price war

(Price) War is hell.