The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


Cause likes are worth it


Couldn’t watch it all the way through. Some of my friends in one or two of my WhatsApp groups like to post stuff like this except its normally extremely graphic, I don’t even bother watching them these day and delete that shit straight away.


No way I’d post it if it was graphic.


I know that, just couldn’t take the chance is all :joy:



What the actual fuck :joy:


Or you can make sure you sync your pee time and poop time.


Sinks are a great height to rest your balls on the edge :slight_smile:


Most people need to piss more often than they need to shit though, and everyone basically takes a piss while pooping. This is useless advice lol


You hold it in like a man


Hold in your piss while you’re doing a shit??





And die from burst bladder like a man…you know it makes sense :giroud:


Fucking kangaroos!! :joy:


I laughed at “what’s up skip?”


Everything in Australia wants to kill you


When you tell @Aussiegooner Wenger is better than Klopp.





I did this exact same search :joy: