The Funny Picture/WTF Thread

Everyone knows me so well. I’m such a loser I’ve even started listening to this podcast called Friends with Friends where they basically dissect a different episode each episode :sweat_smile:

In my defence, one of the guys on it is also one of the guys who plays at Overtures Piano Bar. Which is my fave late night hang out in London. Used to be below the casino in Leicester Square. But now they have moved to other side of Soho. Really recommend it for any Londonders!

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I’ve listened to loads of these type of podcasts for some of my favourite shows. They are often very insightful and you learn loads of the behind the scenes stuff.

Yes! Like they Google all the guest stars and they have random facts. I thought I knew everything about Friends until I started listening to this and realised I didn’t. They ask their “friend” 5 questions about the episode in question at the end of the podcast and they are soooo hard. I now watch Friends and take note of every detail, “red hoody with zip half way up” :sweat_smile:

But mainly they make fun of it, which is kinda weird considering they are supposed to love it. But at same time I like it. There have been many episodes where I am like “hang on, this doesn’t add up, why did they just not do this instead?”

Sorry for rant.







That was one of the high points for The Walking Dead!



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That’s funny but tbf, he obviously has no clue about trainspotting (or the railway children) and he’s probably tried to answer based off association…boy/children.

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