The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


The replies :joy:

Damn Snowflake





Thanks a lot sev you cunt, girlfriend just asked me what I was looking at and I showed her and for about 20 minutes we had the most earnest of debates about the validity of Cancer Research UK tweeting that.


Which side were you on?


Haha valid question

I wanted to sympathise with her (not my gf but the tweeter) but its bullshit, there’s nothing shaming about that tweet.


I agree. It’s medical fact ffs. It’s about as inflammatory as tweeting that smoking causes cancer.



We ended up at that exact point, it was the sweetest of victories because my gf is constantly nagging me to not smoke (a valid point tbf)


On one hand, there is nothing wrong with the campaign in that obesity gives you a hugely increased rate of many cancers e.g. uterine, ovarian, breast cancers, especially if you’re a woman with the changes in oestrogen progesterone etc. made by the increased fat levels in the body. Let alone the other health issues with being obese like heart disease, diabetes etc.

So what that campaign said was fact.

On the other hand, what the campaign is trying to do I assume is descrease the number of obese people, and if the target audience’s reaction is that, like it or not, it’s not going to get them to change, is it?

For the record I think her tweet was a load of new age snowflake bullshit. But pointing that out isn’t going to get her to set her diet out and get her to lose weight.

I would like to know her (and other people that believe similar) opinion on how these campaigns should be pitched and what would make her respond to decreasing her weight.

Maybe would be constructive, but if it’s that 'im absolutely fine as I am’s etc then I don’t know what to do lol.


Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna work.


Right, therapy it is then.


I hear ya, but it’s an awareness campaign. Education comes next.


Read th replies. There are plenty who have gone from fat to fit.
Education and awareness is totally worth it if it can even turn 1 person to sanity.


Just spent about forty minutes reading her tweets and the masses of responses. Total waste of time if I’m honest haha.

Imagine calling Cancer Research UK filthy cunts though, and then trying to take the moral high ground.


I took a brief look at some of her tweets and couldn’t manage it for the long. I do get a feeling that the western world is going to collapse in on itself one day :joy:


I find the thought process of expecting the whole world to accept your body while you disrespect it all the time, highly hypocritical.


I saw a stat that was something like 45% of Brits smoked in the late 70s and now it’s something like 18%. You can only assume it’s the continuous, relentless campaigns of letting you know how awful it is (and making it bloody expensive of course). And the government is already going after obesity so it’s hardly news.

I think its great that you have an organisation called Cancer Research UK that has millions of donors who want it to research cancer, and then people are unhappy that they let people know what they find out :mustafi: