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I can think of many examples that suggest otherwise


Go on then


Classic Oliver. However I guess alexis is borderline , I’ve definitely heard them say the latter about him, then the former about pogba, but then I guess youve got welbeck…


To be fair, there are less creative black footballers. Most black footballers rely on physical attributes rather than technique.

When you think of creative footballers, you think of Ozil, Silva, Iniesta, Mata, Isco and so on.

Ofcourse that has nothing to do with skin color but the education given to them. European countries have better coaches than African.
France and Brazil I suppose are only countries with black population with different education and you can see black players are as capable.

Education in England for instance for long time, created players with zero technique.


Bellerin and pace for a start.

Set a number and I will explain why thats just lazy.


I don’t think the point is to say that literally not a single white player has ever been described as being pacey, or that no black player has ever been described as being one of those other terms. It’s talking about a general trend that has been noticed by a lot of people before, and not just in football as it goes.

I would have expected you to have understood that rather than taking it quite so literally, whether you agree with the point being made or not. I know you definitely won’t agree being Mr anti-SJW, you’ll obvious find fault with anything like this.


What a complete pile of shit. That’s a real 70s attitude right there.


Did you read rest of the post?


Fuck sake Jake, you’ve doomed this thread to never ending nonsense.


Ah fair enough. I misunderstood tbh.

Not sure why you asked me to list examples if the examples I have arent meant to be specific examples but rather just simple generalisations.


I basically regard this as being my thread so I’ll do what I want

But here, have a bit of this. Pretty wtf eh?


i think maybe a tad more eloquence is required.

for example: Spain and germany produce a disproportionality high number of white footballers that are classed as ‘technically gifted’.


Unlike my vocal skills, I always felt in text domain it is a waste of time beating around the bush.

My point is exactly that. Countries with predominantly white population have had better training methods for good couple of decades now; which will give anyone (who doesn’t know about this context) a notion that white players play differently to black ones.

As i mentioned France can show creativity is not based on color.


Indeed. I find the picture to be nothing other than lazy.


There’s some truth to the picture, but I wouldn’t go too far with it. For the most part, these are just examples of pundits being lazy and only describing players in a superficial manner.


The picture isn’t even about footballers, its about commentators attitudes to footballers.


Still not as bad as that picture of you taking a dump.


My fav Jake pic is the transition from ‘just graduated’ to ‘utterly shitfaced’. :smile:


At least I had a bit more clothing on than Holloway

Or is that part of the problem?