The Europa League Thread




Sneaky Wenga :wenger:


I think Lazio would be a cracking tie. Plus we do well against Italians.


When was the last time we had 8 different leagues represented in the Quarter Finals of a European competition ? Gutting for Lyon to go out considering the final is being hosted at home for them.


Good observation. Tweet some stats nerd and have them do the checking for ya :smiley:


Is the draw noon GMT ? Hopefully no later as I want to stay up for it but have to be up early for work tomorrow.


Yeah but probably won’t start bang on noon as you know UEFA like to rabble on at the start of draws


I reckon atletico are massive favourite to win the EL. They won 10 of their last 11 games in all competitions, only Barcelona could stop then in that series.

We’re second favourites. Let’s hope we upset the world and go on win this fecking Trophy.


I just want the Red Bull franchise vehicles to be drawn against each because it will be proper awkward, but we all know the chances of that are not in fact 1in 7, but actually 0 :sunglasses:

Several big and dangerous teams went out last round but then the teams that put them out have to be respected. Still if our form ups a bit from here to May then i accept the only team that’s going to stop us over 180 is Athletico Madrid.

That said if we collapsed in a first leg and shipped a couple in the first 20 minutes I still don’t back us mentally to come back from it under Wenger


It would be good to get Salzburg but I think it will be Marseille.

Lazio against Atletico Madrid would be great for us too.


Atletico are the only favourites at this point.


Damn right I just set myself a reminder for the last day of the season to respond to this tweet :joy::joy:


I agree. But, I reckon if not Atletico, we are next in line with a big chance to win the thing. Or are Milan that abysmal that they made us look good?


If Milan win their game in hand against Inter, they’re 3 points off 4th. I can see them getting it to be honest, their league form has been good, they haven’t lost in the league this year.


It’s more like I feel like there isn’t really a next in line. It would be a massive bottle job of Atletico if they don’t bring this one home. Comparable with ours in the 15/16 Premier League season.


What have Lazio done to be so highly regarded?

  1. Sporting Lisbon 2. CSKA Moscow 3. Salzburg 4. Marseille 5. Leipzig 6. Lazio 7. Atletico. That’s my preferences


I put Leipzig very close to Atletico, stylistically a nightmare match up for us.


I’d love Lisbon, I think they’d be a pretty comfortable tie for us.


Salzburg saw off Dortmund over two games and absolutely dominated them in Germany. Didn’t see any of the return game last night. So you have to respect them really.