The Europa League Thread


Penalty to Leipzig! Missed!
Finally Lazio score the second! de Vrij!

Massive penalty to Sporting! If they score it they are through.

Missed as well! :rofl:
Lazio, Marseille and Leipzig are through, while Sporting go to ET.


I read Athletic were trying to convince Tuchel to manage there next season. Can’t see him taking them up on their offer but would definitely be interesting to see him work under the constraints of the Basque policy.


Lol Inzaghi’s slip


Sporting score.

Plzen so close to the 3-1! Great save from the keeper.
Sporting are through.

CSKA up at HT, while Dortmund draw.

1-0 CSKA


Lyon equalize.

CSKA up again! They are through atm.

3-1! Lyon are collapsing.

Lyon are back in it! 2-3!

2-3 Lyon


3-3 is enough for Lyon right? Hope they stay in.


No, as CSKA would have scored 3 away goals compared with Lyon’s one.


Yeah but didn’t Lyon win there? Or was it 1-1

Edit: Yes if Lyon equalize tonight they go through.


They won 1-0 away from home.


Hahahahahaaaa :rofl:


BVB lost 1-2 at home to some Austrians and that was enough to be knocked out… :bellerin:


You lost against a fucking drink! :mustafi:


Red Bull and CSKA are through.

Want some russian fuckers in the next round!


Yesss Salzburg :clap:




So it’s:

Atletico Madrid
CSKA Moscow
RedBull Leipzig
RedBull Salzburg
Sporting Lisbon

Pretty decent last 8 I have to say.






Just got to hope Simeone is like Conte, for some perplexing reason, Wenger’s bunny.


Lol Inzaghi!


I want Lazio, Leipzig or Sporting Lisbon.