The Europa League Thread


Why does this needs to be the year they drop down? Fucking frustrating.


Any remaining team that sees off Athletico Madrid over 180 minutes needs to be considered as a trophy contender, and certainly capable of putting us out


Good draw for Dinamo, while Marseille, Leipzig and Sporting win.

Lazio-Dinamo Kiev

1-0 Dinamo

1-1 Lazio

2-1 Lazio

2-2 Dinamo

Marseille-Athletic Bilbao

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille. Lol at Bilbao’s defence!

2-1 Bilbao

3-1 Marseille


1-0 Leipzig

2-0 Leipzig. Great finishing!

2-1 Zenit. Amazing free kick!


1-0 Sporting

2-0 Sporting


Ya never know, Wenger could be the bogey manager for Simeone. Similar to how Conte has faced Wenger 8 times and has only beat him once, if what I read is true. Wenger even had a pretty good record vs Klopp in europe before he joined lolpool.

Keep the faith my dood. We will be fine. An EL trophy is in the cards for us. Wenger is going to defy all odds in order to keep his fucking job.


That’s the only reason I think we are chance, Arsene will find some way that justifies him keeping his job.,


Just had a thought, Leipzig vs Salzburg in the next round?



If we went through i’d like to get a big team to get used to what we have to face to win the cup.


Your optimism is fair enough and it’s not be be (overly) negative, but Atletico does everything really well we struggle with. Physical, sometimes just cynical, football, very strong defensively and very good on the counter. They are (heavy) favourites against us. Plus they have nothing else to play for. 2nd place is firmly in their grasp. We’ll go against a fully (Costa is not cuptied), motivated Atletico side. I really hope we pull this one out of the fire, but it just seems very unlikely.


This competition is a good laugh. Gotta love the time and space we get to play against most of the opposition.


It’ll be a win win for the owners that’s for sure. I hope it happens just so I can see Haidara & Keita go H2h :giroud:

Speaking of Salzburg they’re above Dortmund in the rankings now after beating them last night :clap:

Their doing you boys proud @PPB.


FC Waxtap killing it in 17th right now


That’s shakhtar I’m pretty sure :arteta:


Atletico 1-1 at HT against Lokomotiv Moscow.

1-0 Atletico

1-1 Lokomotiv. Golazo! :cech:

Atletico up again. Saul.

Atletico are a fucking machine! 3-1&4-1 Torres.




Should we fear them?

Btw is the draw tomorrow?


I think they look dangerous :smile:

5-1 Griezmann


Were drawing these cunts in the quarters aren’t we?




i reckon we will draw Dortmund TBH, we are just as bad with them as we are with drawing Bayern FFS


Dortmund are probably going out against Red Bull.

5-1 Atletico FT though.