The Europa League Thread


Hopefully Lacazette can make a quick recover.


Even I’m praying for this, that’s how bad the situation is with Dat Guy.


Not as great as he was at atalanta, he’s more of a shit Spurs dembele type just carries the ball and powerful but tactically a bit deficient. Someone like Vidal would be incredible but obviously impossible with our current budget


@Gio will you be looking to head to one or both of the matches?


@Calum, do we start in august next season, as we are gonna finish 6th in may?


6th is automatic qualification to the group stage according to Wikipedia.


Neither, I’m saving to move out now, plus tattoos, I’ve been both stadiums don’t really see the need, going milan in April for a game anyway!


Of course. And a motorbike too? Surely? :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Gio. You are surely going through against us.


You shouldn’t flip flop like that, you have a go at my opinions half the time.


Yesterday was the nail in the coffin for me. I expected a tough game, but we didn’t even try. Absolutely pathetic. It was a final! How can’t you put in an effort?


Maybe a lambretta, pretend I’m in Rome :joy:


We’re still winning this. Fuck the negativity.


You mad bro?


Game is in a week already? Not completely confident about the outcome.


Yeah, Milan’s defence look very strong.


Gonna bet every team to beat us. Already worked today so bet the winnings on Milan.


We can try again next season if we qualify :wink:



I won fifty quid on today’s result and did the same pretty much lol