The Europa League Thread


Milan play with Andrè Silva in the Europa League. Can’t say who is worse between him and Welbeck :smile:


We’ll go out


Can’t always get the shittest teams. It’s better in this way, so maybe the focus is gonna be better.


Milan have improved a lot since Gattuso took over. Unbeaten in 11.

They do have Lazio, Roma and Inter coming up before they play us though. Those games will be a better indication of if they really have turned a corner.


I thought you were watching your finances with the wedding and the honeymoon and everything! :wink::wink:



Milan are a poor team and as shit as we are it’s not enough for us to just dismiss our chances in the tie. It’s shit vs shit as far as I’m concerned. We won’t be playing the same team as last night.


That last point is such a dig at Arsenal :joy:


Still the best stadium in Europe


Where there’s a will (and sleazyjet) there’s a way! :eyes:


Looool @Gio

Think it’s another last 16 exit. They’re not very good but we are also shit.

Andre Silva is in had form but he is a good player and I can see him scoring against us.

Suso, Cutrone and Bonaventura are their dangermen but I am not too afraid of them tbh.

The battle between whose midfield is less shit will be integral imo, with Montolivo and Xhaka the stalwarts lol.

Bonucci and Romagnoli have improved under Gattuso, so let’s see.

Welbeck will also be playing ffs can this get any worse.

Gattuso is also a hungry, fresh young manager, that seems to at least know how to get the best out his players if he isn’t some kind of tactical mastermind. He could easily out-think Wenger in this tie.

Just need to make sure we do enough not to lose the tie at the San siro. But we will be playing in that infernal blue kit so that’s it. Hope they have the pitch sorted out at least.

Fucking UEFA always giving us such shit draws while Sporting get Plzen in the filth tie ffs.


Wonga Loans my friend, Wonga loans!


I’m having nightmares of Welbeck missing about 23 chances like this already!


Why chip it
Why chip it

Just bury it Robin

Still rue that miss years down the line


Avoided trips to Russia, avoided the Germans and the favourites Atletico so could have been worse.

Clearly not the same side we faced a few years ago but will be two tough legs. Play like we did against Ostersurustseunds and we’ll go out.


We can’t complain about getting AC Milan when it was Östersund in the last round hah

I suppose we have less to play for league wise so maybe we will sneak through without any functional strikers


AC Milan’s sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli says he feels sorry for Arsenal after they were paired with the Italian giants in the Europa League last sixteen.

Predicting the Rossoneri will progress at the expense of Arsene Wenger’s side, Mirabelli underlined his confidence by suggesting the Gunners were the perfect opponents. Anybody who watched us last night might be inclined to agree.

“I’m sorry for Arsenal, who I’m sure would have liked to have continued in Europe,” said Mirabelli after the draw.

“It would have been a nice final, but I’m happy. It’s best to face a big club like Arsenal now. We needed opponents like these.”

:joy::joy: We have no respect in Europe anymore


I admit Wonga with their 4000%+ APR is an attractive proposition, and I am desperate to see Dat Guy miss an open goal from 2 yards out in the San Siro



I don’t think we were ever respected in Europe, even at our peak

Edit: Also, I really don’t understand the point in statements like those. They’re needlessly antagonistic and if anything will only just galvanise the opposing players into showing the other team up. If anything, that’s fired me up for this game now even though I was pretty uninterested before. Should we win, that guy is going to look like a major cunt with egg on his face and if they do win, what’s he gained from making a statement like that?


Ah, the war of words has started.

We need one of those boxing style weigh ins where both sides act like they’ve already won.