The Europa League Thread


Could have been worse, tbh. Milan are on a good form so it’s gonna be tricky though.


Great draw. Not sure starting at home is good for us though


The first leg is away, no?


Tbf I thought we were getting Dortmund when it was down to the last 4 teams!

Didn’t even realise Milan were still left to be drawn until they came out the ball :joy:




As long as we get our best players on the pitch we should be fine, Milan are not very good.


Think Laca could be back for the second leg.


Their recent league form is very good.
We have avoided Atletico Madrid, Lazio and Dortmund but AC Milan are still a decent team.
I suppose these are the sort of clubs we have to beat if we want to win the Europa League, I just hope we don’t see repeat performance like we did against Östersund.


Lol we’re not very good either!

Milan have decent players and are just as capable of rising to the occasion as we are. I’m not the confident, especially if we have Welbeck up front, which is likely to be the case in the first leg!


We aren’t very good these days either lol. We will need a much better performance than last night!


Suso, Cutrone and Bonaventura are their most dangerous men. They also have Bonucci (crap this season), Montolivo, Andrè Silva and Borini.

They are good overall, but not unbeatable.


I didn’t say they were unbeatable. Neither did I say that all their players were dangerous.


We have Özil they don’t :wink:


What they surely have more than us is determination. Can’t underestimate them!


Trying not to do what I hate people doing but none of those guys get in our team. There’s a very big talent gap and they don’t have a serious coach to breach that gap.

Maybe I’m underestimating them but I just feel like we get our best players on the pitch and we’ll beat them.


Neither we have a serious manager :smile:. Ozil and Rambo should see us through though.


Exactly. That is all I was saying. Yeah Milan aren’t the Milan of old, but we haven’t exactly been world beaters this season!

No Auba or Laca. Xhaka in midfield and a defence made of straw. Personally I wouldn’t be so confident. But each to their own.


I would trust Xhaka more than Maitland these days, tbh. Can’t believe he was so crap in 2 games in his position!


Milan 1-0 Arsenal

Arsenal 2-1 Milan

Out on away goals


I think we could struggle here, tough draw. Exciting tho, can’t not go back to the San Siro really :sunglasses: