The Europa League Thread


I don’t think you can assume anything about us.

The players and Wenger seem intent on lowering the benchmark each game.


When’s the draw?


I think 1200 GMT, so 11pm in Melbourne or 4am in LA


Oh, it’s today then. Only side I really hope we don’t get is BVB we’ve played them too much in the past several years.

BTW nobody cares to comment on the genius Sarri getting knocked out in the round of 32? Only Arsene critisicsm?


:joy::joy::joy: You love Wenger so much? Whyyy

Don’t compare a world class manager to a past it arrogant fraud


Sarri is on target for 95 points in Serie A, if we were doing the same in the EPL I’d layoff Arsene also.


Napoli have other fish to fry and had a harder game than us. I have no doubts that if they played Östersund with their second string, they would have won more comfortably over two legs than we did.

Ah to be like them. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in a title race.


Only good thing is that most top tier teams don’t have to care about the EL. We on the other hand don’t have a choice.


Too busy drinking beers :mustafi:


Sarri field a weakened team in the first leg, tbh. They would have beaten Leipzig easily with all their first choices.


Unfortunately for your terrible point, Wenger doesn’t manage in Serie A, and conversely Sarri doesn’t manage in the PL. So the only comparison to make is the competition they both manage in, the Europa League. Sarri is out and Wenger is in, that’s the only apt comparison to make in this case. Secondly Juve are gonna win Serie A so it’s a moot point regardless.





Click link to watch the draw


Lazio-Dinamo Kiev
Atletico Madrid-Lokomotiv Moscow
CSKA Moscow-Lyon
Marseille-Athletic Bilbao
Borussia Dortmund-Red Bull

Tricky in the end. Could have been worse though.


We got Milan :joy::joy:


Nice draw! Let’s hope we avoid another 4-0 in the San Siro :joy:


They don’t have Ibrahimovic anymore.


Remember what happened last time we played Milan :rofl:

I’m predicting another last 16 European exit


Yeah, they still have Ibra, Thiago Silva and Nocerino (who was good at time).