The Europa League Thread


Someone was arguing the point on here a little while back that we basically had no-one to fear in the competition apart from Atletico, which to be fair the bookmakers generally seem to go with as well. I think that’s nonsense tho, I’d put us 5th/6th ish, with the added caveat of being able to mix it with anyone on our day whilst also, erm, losing at home to Östersund


I’m claiming moral victory. :kos2:



I was right there with him until that 2nd hashtag. No more superhero movies…pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.


I am ashamed as italians we have so many prats.


That’s a bit like pleading for no more Wenger.


I reckon the real reason you don’t post every so often is because you’ve watched a superhero film and have been so ashamed you don’t come here for fear you might let it slip. :slight_smile:


That’s not what I said. I said that i’d personally prefer if he went of his own accord, if at the end of the season he said, “yeah, it’s time to step down.” Of course, based on recent form, he deserves to be sacked – i’m just too soppy to want to sack a guy who gave us a lot all those years ago and who outside of Arsenal is actually a nice intelligent guy.


Haha. I’ve seen 5 superhero films in my lifetime and that was 2 too many. (Maybe 3 too many)


“Go watch Black Panther” wtf!?


Actually that’s quite apt. I’m bored as fuck with superhero films too but get the odd suprise performance such as the latest Thor.



Only Plzen “would be ok” on our current state. Maybe, just maybe Red Bull as well.


Salzburg I take it.


Someone interesting please we aren’t winning it so don’t make me watch us struggle to beat some poverty team over two legs again :weary:


Plzen would beat us, the writing is on the wall.


Bilbao or Sporting please


Only ones i’d take are Plzen, Salzburg and Sporting. Maybe Marseille


I watched Spartak vs Liverpool and CSKA vs United in their respective CL groups and there were massive gulfs in class in both games. I’d assume we’d win vs CSKA based on that but then Östersund yano


We won’t reach the final so I wouldn’t mind going out in this round if it means it will crush whatever self-believe this prat Wenger has left and he would step down at the end of the season. Bonus points if he announces it straight after going out of the competition.