The Europa League Thread


Actually, I take back what I said – doesn’t matter who the fuck we get! Might as well get Atletico and go out with respect, if we make it through that is!


After only the first 5 mins of that performance I’m not even mad that we’re 2-0 down tbh. No one should get away with the level of unprofessionalism we showed from the moment we came out. The attitude in the first half has been risible. We might see the biggest upset in this competition’s history and maybe the club deserve a disgrace like that.


I laughed at 0-2. A lot. Genuinely funny, criticise if you must :smile:

An undecided proportion of me hope they go through


RIP Chambers. Career’s over


Only rotten baguette to blame.


Over two legs we’ll go out to any high performing EL team


Holding’s been awful as well including a big part in their first goal, but as Chambers has been even worse I reckon he’ll get done far more


Russia 2018 will be fun.^copy|twsrc^android|twgr^copy|twcon^7090|twterm^0


See @Luca_from_Italy This is why I don’t want us to get a Russian team!


Ok, they are really cuntish in the end.


Bilbao equalize.

Red Bull take the lead again thanks to a penalty. Real Sociedad are down to 10 men.

Dortmund equalize.

Spartak up again. They just need 1 goal to go to ET.

Arsenal, Dortmund, Bilbao, Marsiglia, Milan and Red Bull are through.


I don’t really care who we get in the Round of 16 anymore, we are simply just too shit under Wenger for it to matter.


Heja. :sunglasses:


Yeah it’s crazy to label us as 2nd favourites, we could lose to half a dozen sides left in this over two legs, maybe more.


You are going out with us though :ozil2:


Who is saying we’re second favourites?

They need a slap.


Yep. This is what i’ve been saying all along, there are quite a few decent teams left! But others on here insisted Atletico are the only potential tricky opponents.

I said before tonight that we won’t win this competition. And now i’m even more sure.


I hate that you are probably right :sanchez2: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:


Yeah you are right, I think it’s that a club our size should be 2nd favourites or even favourites tbh, but we are just a shambles of a side under this manager that dosen’t deserve to be sacked in your opinion.


Bilbao :cech: