The Europa League Thread


There are other teams we can play which don’t require us to go to Russia or Ukraine!

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… Celtic!


Who cares. We are out of the top 4 so we can focus on the Europa League.

No, i can’t bloody stand jocks :mustafi:


Absolute Gold


Hah agree but wasn’t talking about them someone just below them that will at least give us a challenge!


Bilbao would be fun. They’re having a shit season in La Liga! I would have said Nice, but they got lost in the Moscow snow!


I want someone like Astana that’s so clearly in “can I really be bothered?” territory that I will find it easy to say no. Most of the teams in the draw I’m going to find it hard to say no when a certain someone tells me we’re going, despite being broke :roll_eyes:


Arsenal fans are the only ones to argue over their Europa League opponents lol!


Arghhhhhhhhhh! Jocks are going out! 2-0 Zenit!

Napoli up and 2-0 Lazio. Deserved. Simone Inzaghi’s team should be 4-0 up at least.

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Lazio


Zenit look dangerous to me. And what happened to this chat about Napoli not taking the Europa League seriously? Not sure about that one at all


The side they put out in the first leg was piss poor. in fact they lost 3-1 at home.


3-0 disallowed for Lazio. Steaua are gonna lose badly today.
Here we go. 3-0 Lazio.

1-1 Astana


and the side they’ve put out tonight?


That celtic keeper :facepalm:


Reina (first choice)

Maggio (back up) Albiol (first choice) Tonelli (back up) Rui (back up)

Allan (first choice) Diawara (back up) Hamsik (first choice)

Zielinski (back up) Mertens (first choice) Insigne (first choice)

6 first choices and 5 back ups. A bit better compared with the last week.


Atletico, Lazio, Napoli and Zenit up at HT, while the others all draw.
4-0 Lazio with Felipe Anderson.

Sporting up again. Superb goal!

3-1 Sporting and 3-0 Zenit. Bye bye Celtic.

3-1 Sporting

3-0 Zenit

Immobile’s hattrick and 1-0 Plzen.

5-0 Lazio

1-0 Plzen

Astana pull one back and consolation goal for Steaua.

3-2 Astana

5-1 Steaua

1-0 Lyon. They are through.

Napoli score the 2nd. They are just one goal away from going through.

2-0 Plzen.

3-3 Astana

Sporting, Dinamo Kiev, Zenit, Atletico, Lazio, Leipzig and Plzen are through.


Immobile has 31 goals in 31 games for Lazio this season… only Harry Kane has scored more.

I know people think Atletico are the only problem. But I still insist that we need be be weary of Lazio too.


Red Bull and Atalanta up. Atalanta are qualified atm.

1-0 Red Bull

1-0 Atalanta

1-0 Milan with Borini.

1-1 Real Sociedad.

Braga up against Marseille.


Luca you’ve got the clip for the Ostersunds 0-2?



Spartak Moscow take the lead against Bilbao.