The Europa League Thread


23/02/18: Round of 16 draw
08/03/18: Round of 16, first leg
15/03/18: Round of 16, second leg

16/03/18: Quarter-final draw
05/04/18: Quarter-finals, first leg
12/04/18: Quarter-finals, second leg

13/04/18: Semi-final and final draw
26/04/18: Semi-finals, first leg
03/05/18: Semi-finals, second leg

16/05/18: Final (Stade de Lyon, Lyon)


The more scarey thought would be our defense against Diego Costa


CSKA Moscow are the first team to go through after beating Red Star.

1-0 CSKA


Any idea on why these two played on different nights to the other 15 ties ?


Because two teams from Moscow. Lokomotiv play tomorrow so they’ve moved CSKA a day earlier to avoid MADNESS.


It’d be more fun to not avoid the madness to be honest


This is why you work in journalism and not public administration. :wink:


CSKA were shambolic against Man United, I don’t envisage any problems there. Apart from for the poor fans who choose to goto Moscow at this time of year of course


Nice 1-0 down at HT against Lokomotiv.



Jocks so hard!




Hard men :wink:


Nice are out.


Two Moscow clubs through. Fuck going there in the next round!


Sporting up against Astana.

Meanwhile, Immobile close to score for Lazio.


You don’t want big teams and now you don’t want shit teams as well :xhaka:


Sick of playing poverty clubs like BATE Red Star and Östersund.

Want something interesting to watch


Now Immobile doesn’t miss. Such a deadly striker. Atletico up as well.

1-0 Lazio

1-0 Atletico. Golazo!

Zenit up as well with Ivanovic.

What a chance for Steaua now! Nice game.
Another chance for Lazio! End-to-end stuff.
Lazio should already be 3 goals up.


Give me poverty clubs over Atletico,