The Europa League Thread


This has not been the most enthralling discussion I’ve ever read on these forums.


Sporting beat Astana 3-1, then Dortmund, Milan, Marseille, Nice and Red Bull are up at HT.

1-0 Marseille

1-0 Bilbao

2-0 Bilbao

3-0 Bilbao

1-0 Milan. Cutrone at it again. @Gio

1-0 Nice

2-0 Nice

2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow

1-0 Dortmund

1-0 Red Bull


Atalanta equalize with Ilicic.

The same thing goes for Real Sociedad against Red Bull.

Atalanta never fail to impress. They are leading now.

2-0 Milan and Spartak pull one back.

2-0 Milan

1-3 Spartak


Burki is such a bad keeper.


Batshuayi with his 4 goals in 3 games. 2-2.

2-0 Marseille

2-2 Lokomotiv. They were 2-0 down at a certain point.

3-0 Marseille

Lokomotiv up now! Real Sociedad as well

3-2 Lokomotiv

2-1 Real Sociedad


Some amazing scorelines and comebacks in the Europa tonight so far! :open_mouth:


Looking forward to Napoli - Leipzig. If I can find a quality stream. For some reason Serie A streams are always shit.


3-0 Milan, 3-2 Dortmund and 2-2 Red Bull.

3-2 Dortmund

2-2 Red Bull

3-0 Milan

Borussia, Milan, Marseille, Lokomotiv Moscow and Bilbao win, while Real Sociedad draw.


No Mertens and Insigne and Jorginho start on the bench in Napoli-Lepizig.
Werner already close to the 1-0.




Atletico down! :giroud3:

Dinamo up as well.

Atletico equalize with Saul.

Napoli withg their first chance of the game after Leipzig came close a couple of times.


They’ve already fixed that…


Wait me to update the post :xhaka:


Steaua take the lead against Lazio. Piss poor defending.


We don’t pay you to be this slow GFI. Sharpen up stiletto boy!




Celtic outplaying Zenit so far.

Ajer is good. So is Ntcham

Rodgers has got this good system making a team out of players surplus to requirements at City and Chelsea.

They’d beat us at Celtic park


And then we would beat them at the Emirates. Easy.


yeah true wed hump them at home.

anyways, been disappointed in Paredes so far


Leipzig have been very good so far. I like the fact they are away and still taking the game to Napoli.
Atletico up now. Gameiro.