The Europa League Thread


Need to say Sevilla is Europa kings.


2000 :expressionless:


Östersunds pitch is looking in proper top condition, we should be able to play some slick stuff on this :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Apparently they’ve had to ask fans come and help them get rid of the snow as this is what the pitch looks like 3 days before their first game of the season and 9 days before our game :mkhi:

I think I’ll take a draw at this point.


No, we are gonna win.


I really like Ostersunds. Aside from the British connection, they’re a really great club with an interesting back story – there was a good feature about them in FourFourTwo before we’d even drawn them.

One of their players recalled their match in Bilbao, and how surreal and amazing it was to play in that stadium in front of all those people. So no doubt they’ll love the Emirates. Especially considering at one of their qualifying matches they only took 3 fans :grin:


why are you always so optimistic tagliatelle boy?!?!



That’s the way i am :kos2:

Better than to be a Carlsberg biscuits boy :wink:


He likes having a higher fall when it all goes wrong. Makes for more entertainment for us.


Patent pending. I said it first!!!


Ticket for this arrived today, apparently it’s -9 and an open away end. Best of luck :smile:


You don’t get this in your fancy “Champions League” do you?! This is proper European football!


On the reason why Arsenal couldn’t perform…

“Look, it’s never easy to play with such a cold weather. It was a typical swedish weather”



All eggs in the EL basket for me. If we can’t beat EL level teams we have no business in CL anyway.


I wouldn’t call Atletico a Europa League level team to be honest.

That’s the problem we’re probably going to encounter at some point – coming up against opposition like that.


There is one CL level team that could make life really hard for us.

Edit: what Phoebica says.


Atletico is the only exceptionally difficult opponent we could face imo. Napoli are in the midst of an actual title challenge and Dortmund aren’t that good this season.


Okay, well, Atletico is not Bayern so let’s hope we don’t get trounced 10-0 on aggregate.


Atletico dont worry me, all we have to do is put Holding up against Costa


Job done.


Still wouldn’t fancy playing them though. We’re not exactly riding high.

Then you’ve got the likes of Marseille who are on a really good run. Lazio are doing well this season and scoring a lot of goals. It’s not going to be a walk in the park.


If we can’t beat Marseille and Lazio we might aswell discontinue this football club.