The Europa League Thread


Atletico Napoli and Zenit would beat us.


Only Atletico are dangerous.


We havent got a game strong enough at the moment to impress on anybody. Had high hopes for this competition but there diminishing by the week. Without a regular goal scorer where going out of this.


I can’t see Sarri investing anything into this tournament to be honest. Let’s be real, he’s trying to win the title with Napoli and they do not have a deep enough squad to be competing against Juve domestically and then winning a tin pot European trophy on the side.


Well let’s hope Ozil and Lacazette are major difference makers then (if Wenger even plays them, presumably yes) because we’ve struggled against Koln and Red Star playing with a fair few of those that lost against Bournemouth.

I fancy us to get walloped by someone half decent away in Europe because on our off days we have the capability to be absolutely dire


Atletico and Napoli worry me, though others have spoken on Napoli and their priorities.

Dortmund didn’t worry me much when they were class, we were mostly fine against them and they’re much worse now. But I guess we are too lol.

None of those other teams really worry me/I’m too ignorant of European football and arrogant.

Just feel that if we’ve reached the point that we don’t at least fancy ourselves as one of the favourites for this trophy then we might as well just pack up and go home. Despite generally being negative I’m not willing or ready to say we aren’t at least in the top 25% of teams left in this competition.

If we meet Atletico we’re most likely fucked though lmao


Yeah but where do they get that from about their priorities? Just yesterday I read someone from Napoli’s side say they are going for the EL.

Checked, it was Coulibaly.


I’ve already admitted an ignorance about European football to an extent, what do I know where they get their info lol.

I hear they have a small squad, I know they’re gunning for the Scudetto which they havent won since the days of Maradona, I took it at face value. Even if it’s bullshit it doesn’t change my post much, I’ve already listed them as a side who worry me and that’s true regardless of their priorities. The difference is: if they have the full strength side I really dont fancy our chances much at all, if they were to play a weaker side due to comoeting priorities I’d think, “hey, that’s improved our chances”


It was more an expression of dismay on my part at the general consensus Napoli are disinterested in the EL, I wasn’t expecting you to answer for it. :+1:


Oh haha, fair play! I was a little bemused at why I’d know where their info is from :grin:


I was going to make a joke that you should admit to ignorance about football altogether but seeing as I can’t make people detect when I am being facetious I decided to let this one opportunity pass. :slight_smile:


Can someone confirm if Mkhitaryan & Aubameyang can play in Europa?


Mkhi can. Auba can’t.




It’s fine. Even if they were both eligible, the rules state we’d only be allowed to pick one to play anyway – and Mkhitaryan is the Europa League specialist, he was influential in Man United’s campaign last season.


It’s very frustrating that Auba is cup tied should we sign him, given he hasn’t played a minute of Europa League football this campaign.


I don’t think they have the squad to challenge for it. The focus is always going to be the first Scudetto since Maradona days. They lost Ghoulam to injury and suffered greatly because of it. I just don’t think, with Sarri’s intense style of football, that the squad is big enough to put up a genuine European challenge whilst maintaining a challenge domestically.

One has to be prioritised and I have no doubt it won’t be the EL despite what players might say


While that argument is perfectly valid and makes sense, to me it’s more the reason why they won’t win both, possibly either, they probably won’t have the legs for it in the end but who knows actually. But it doesn’t say they are not going to put up the challenge. I think they are hungry (unlike others cough) and will want to do as well as they can anywhere. I can’t see them mixing it up with some youth so they can sort out the scudetto. I think it is also the right managerial decision to go for both. In the back of their minds the players will probably have the Europa League title too and going out because you didn’t try can backfire. I think the make no changes while you are winning strategy is the way to go for them.


If Napoli didn’t give a fuck about the Champions League why should they care about the Europa League? They will never have a better chance to win the title than this season so their focus is clearly here.


Did they not give a fuck about the Champions League? I thought they were just outplayed.